FIFA Negotiates Afghanistan Evacuation

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Fifa, the governing body of football, has announced that it is “negotiating the complex evacuation” of footballers and other sportsmen from Afghanistan. After sportswomen raised concerns about their safety under the Taliban dictatorship, the Australian government evacuated 50 female athletes on Tuesday.

Many of the country’s female footballers have also fled the country. Fifa stated that it is collaborating with “relevant governments and organizations.”
At least 60 people were killed and 140 more were injured in two bombings at Kabul airport on Thursday.

Fifa wrote to a number of states in August, requesting that female players be evacuated.

During the Taliban’s previous regime, from 1996 to 2001, females were denied access to education, and women were unable to work or leave the house without the presence of a male relative.

Those who disobeyed them were frequently punished and beaten. The governing organization announced that “Fifa’s leadership is intimately involved in negotiating the delicate evacuation of footballers and other sportsmen.”

Source: BBC Sport

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