Rafiq Accuses Yorkshire Of Downplaying Racism

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Yorkshire has been accused of downplaying racism by referring to him as the victim of “inappropriate behavior,” according to former player Azeem Rafiq. Last year, Rafiq, 30, alleged that “institutional prejudice” at the club drove him to contemplate suicide.

Yorkshire has offered him their “sincere apologies” after an independent review found “many of the claims” to be true. “I’m frustrated and irritated,” Rafiq expressed his feelings.

He added this to BBC Asian Network’s Ankur Desai. “We end up with a statement that converts racism into inappropriate behavior after a year of sorrow, a year of trying to get people to listen, a year of giving people an opportunity to do the right thing.”

The ECB wrote to the club this week, requesting a copy of the results from the independent probe that began in September. “Several of the allegations” were upheld, according to the club.

Yorkshire has yet to release the study or the recommendations, despite responding to an ECB request for a publishing timeline by indicating that the information will be released “in the coming weeks.” The club stated that the investigation, which was conducted by law firm Squire Patton Boggs, went beyond just looking into Rafiq’s charges and also looked into whether the club was institutionally racist.

Source: BBC Sport

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