Following His £97.5m Return To Chelsea, Milan Fans Deface Yet Another Romelu Lukaku Painting, Branding The Chelsea Purchase A ‘Sell Out Traitor’

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After his £97.5 million move to Chelsea, Inter Milan fans destroyed another mural of former striker Romelu Lukaku.

Fans are upset at both the player and their own club for letting the great forward, who scored 30 goals last season as the Nerazzuri won their first Serie A title in 11 years, to depart, especially since both the player and the Italian club declared the Belgian would stay earlier this summer.

In the most recent vandalized mural, a portion of the Belgian striker’s face has been scribbled out with the words’sell out traitor’ inscribed in Italian.

The painting originally featured Lukaku colliding with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a former Manchester United teammate and AC Milan rival, during a Milan rivalry match last season. Ibrahimovic is not defaced in the graffiti on the mural, despite having previously played for Inter Milan.

It comes after a painting commemorating their Serie A title triumph was vandalized only days before his move to Chelsea was announced. The artwork depicted Lukaku extending two fingers in the air toward the Inter Milan symbol and the Italian flag, with the exception of the word ‘Milano’, most of the words ‘Dear Milano, you’re welcome’ blotted out with black paint.

Source: Daily Mail

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