Spurs Show They Can Win Matches With Or Without Harry Kane

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The image of Harry Kane hung so huge over Tottenham Hotspur’s great triumph against Manchester City that it firmly concentrated the attention of the over 60,000 spectators who packed this magnificent arena.

Within seconds of the game commencing, Manchester City fans launched the first salvo in the public war for Kane’s heart and head – as well as insulting their Spurs opponents – with loud cries of “Harry Kane, he wants to be blue.”

The tables were cruelly turned as City’s performance sank without a trace, prompting Spurs fans to reply with their own retort to the sought man. “Are you watching Harry Kane?” they sang, just late enough to be confident that victory was theirs. He certainly was. And it saw Spurs, under new manager Nuno Espirito Santo, put up a performance that hints at promise in the future, whether or not Kane is playing.


Guardiola, ironically, once referred to Spurs as “the Harry Kane team.” This proved they are much more than that, with delectable timing and a dash of irony.

Despite the fact that Kane was not playing, his absence threw a pall over this tense first Premier League match, which was deservedly settled in Spurs’ favor by Son Heung-second-half min’s goal. The story will continue, and it’s possible that happenings here at a bustling Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have spurred the next chapter.

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

Source: BBC Sport

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