Barcelona lawyers Move To Block Lionel Messi’s Transfer To PSG

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The drama surrounding Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona appears to be far from over, with the Catalans stating that Paris Saint-Germain is unable to sign the Argentine icon due to their own financial difficulties. Lawyers for the Spanish club have filed a complaint with the European Court of Appeals, claiming that the Parisians’ pursuit of Messi should be halted due to financial data.

After a tearful press appearance, Messi confirmed that he will be leaving Barcelona this summer after a lifetime with the club, and that he is already finalizing arrangements with PSG.

Barca, on the other hand, appears to be willing to go to any length to prevent their best player from joining a European competitor, and they are eager to stymie PSG’s pursuit.

‘On behalf of FC Barcelona partners, my firm has prepared a complaint with the European Commission and demands for provisional suspension before civil and administrative courts in France to prevent Paris-Saint-Germain from signing Lionel Messi,’ Juan Branco confirmed the complaint on Twitter on Sunday night.

Source: Daily Mail

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