Between Uche Elendu And A Troll Who Told Her She Can’t Talk About The Love Of Christ With Her Boobs Outside

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Actress Uche Elendu was dragged into an exchange with a troll who told her she can’t talk about the love of Christ with her boobs outside. This ensued after the actress shared an Instagram post where she talked about “staying far from love” as the only love valid is the love of Christ. Elendu shared a photo of herself with a top that showed and cleavage and wrote;

I’m staying far away from love for now! Please dont preach it to me The only valid Love, is the love of Christ

However after a troll averred that she can’t be talking about the love of Christ with her boobs outside, the actress fired back by describing the troll as “Chairman judgement day committee” and also threatened to block him.

See the exchange below…….

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