Gary Lineker Wonders ‘How On Earth Barcelona Got Themselves Into This Lionel Messi Dilemma…’

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Gary Lineker has questioned ‘how on earth’ Barcelona let Lionel Messi to slip past their grasp. Just days after hinting at a new long-term deal, the Catalan giants stated that Messi will not be remaining at the club ‘due to financial and structural hurdles.’

Lineker is one of many people who have resorted to social media to dispute Barcelona’s reasoning and express their worries for LaLiga. ‘How on earth did they get themselves into this predicament?’ said Lineker on Twitter. ‘Wow, what a team.’

‘I don’t see Messi leaving Barca,’ said Lineker in response to a Tweet. Everything is stated in the statement. Although the player and the club have struck an agreement, there are still barriers according to Spanish Liga laws. If you want to keep the best player in the world in this league, it’s up to you, LaLiga.’

‘There could be a lot of truth in this,’ the BBC pundit acknowledged, adding, ‘Could be a lot of truth in this.’ Because of #Messi, tens of millions of people around the world watch and are interested in LaLiga (not all of them, obviously).

Source: Daily Mail

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