Son Heung-Min Likes A Tottenham Fan’s Instagram Post Telling Harry Kane ‘A Player Is Never Bigger Than A Club’

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As the England captain’s future in north London has been placed into further doubt this week, Son Heung-min ‘liked’ an Instagram post claiming that Harry Kane is not larger than Tottenham.

Kane, 28, startled the club when he failed to arrive for pre-season duties on Monday, despite having previously expressed his wish to leave in the summer amid significant interest from Premier League champions Manchester City.

Kane has already missed two days of pre-season training at the club’s Enfield training camp, although it is anticipated that he will return in the coming days.

The tenuous nature of the striker’s position, however, has unnerved the club, and Son appears to have ‘liked’ a message on Instagram from a Tottenham fan account stating that the player is not greater than the club.

Source: Daily Mail

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