“After Being Backed Into A Corner, Harry Kane’s Only Option Is To Disrupt”, Martin Samuel

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Tottenham unveiled the identities of their Europa Conference League play-off opponents just minutes after it was discovered Harry Kane did not report for training on Monday. Northern Ireland’s Pacos de Ferreira or Larne. One has to question if the two incidents were connected.

This was always going to be the outcome. Kane forced himself into a corner until he had no choice but to disrupt, at which point he would forfeit his relationship with the fans in exchange for the club’s PR victory. Maybe they’ll sell then.

From being a “once a blue, always a blue” to being despised at his beloved club because he had to actively lobby for his move to Manchester United, he went from being a “once a blue, always a blue” to being a “once a blue, always a blue.” Rooney, on the other hand, has a genuine affection for Everton. They’re his team. But he couldn’t let his connection dictate his career future. And £30 million was a lot of money for a youngster.

So Everton pushed Rooney, alienating the fans, allowing them to sell without causing a riot. Daniel Levy’s ideal scenario would be if he had to take the money. To place blame on the player rather than the club.

Source: Daily Mail

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