Premier League Clubs Must Obey Emergency Covid Rules After A Spike In Cases

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Due to the frightening surge of Covid cases following the summer break, Premier League clubs are adopting “emergency precautions” less than three weeks before the start of the new season.

The information was disseminated to clubs throughout the course of the previous 48 hours. The new limits are identical to those that followed Project Restart when football was reinstated during the first Covid shutdown in the summer of 2020.

Medical personnel must now wear full PPE whenever they come into touch with players, and a 15-minute treatment time limit has been reinstated. Social distancing and masks in indoor settings are also part of the plan.

At training grounds, masks will be necessary, though it is unclear how the new laws would affect training sessions at this time. Inspectors will also visit clubs on a regular basis to ensure that the rules are followed. Premier League clubs believe that the ’emergency measures’ will remain in place until October.

Source: Daily Mail

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