Issues Triggered By Negligence And Irresponsibility In A Relationship

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Every substantial achievement or success in this world is as a result of effort invested by someone, somewhere. To get required results, the necessary requirements in terms of input, must be committed.
Conversely, when effort is lacking and people do not take up roles and responsibility, proper and effective facilitation of processes and plans will not be possible. Goals will not be achieved and targets will not be met. Most importantly, the smooth functioning of a relationship cannot be sustained.
A relationship is a kind of contract between two consenting individuals. These persons must be willing and ready to execute their roles towards each other. Thus, where there are instances of neglect and Irresponsibility, many things will equally go wrong.

Negligence and Irresponsibility here refers to the purposeful and sometimes unconscious failure of one to perform expected duties and fulfill obligation towards a partner or spouse in a relationship. Thus, negligence and irresponsibility comprise all deficiencies in meeting up with expected actions and duties necessary for smooth functioning of a relationship by partners.

There are numerous cases whereby partners fail to live up to their responsibilities. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, a relationship has been led to ruins because of this deficiency in effort and interest. How badly can Negligence affect a Relationship?

When there is a void left either physically or psychologically by the ineptitude of a partner, there is certainly going to be consequences which are mostly negative. Some of these consequences or negative outcomes include:

1. Feeling Of Inadequacy By A Partner:

A partner who is left without sufficient care and attention will most likely develop a sense of inadequacy and low esteem. Such a person will be tempted to think that he or she has weaknesses which are causing the partner to neglect him or her or their duties in the home. One partner may feel that he or she is not doing enough to attract the attention and commitment of the other. This is not a healthy situation for any relationship.
Accordingly, not much benefits can be gotten from a situation where people refuse to take responsibility but rather neglect and abandon their obligations. For things to work properly, there is need for everyone to step up to their billings.

2. Creates Dissatisfaction:

Not receiving due care and expected attention means there left a vacuum to be filled. When emotional needs are not met, there will be the continuous need for this void to be filled. Being neglected oftentimes develop into a chronic feeling of dissatisfaction. In the long run, some other evils might set in.

3. Leads To Cheating:

One of man’s innate tendency is the desire to resolve unfavourable situations and find more convenient ways to exist and survive. A human being is programmed to always try to find solutions to his problems. Accordingly, men and woman in this present age do not waste time in going off with other persons in a romantic escapades once they feel they are not getting the required attention from their partners. So, with the high advancement of self gratification and happiness at all cost, not many partners hold firmly on to moral codes of conduct.

4. Extra Stress:

They physical work and even the emotional duties neglected by one partner is accumulated and pushed to the other partner. There is a certain volume of load that left lying on the shoulders of one partner when the other decides to be irresponsible. Very saddening is the fact that these duties cannot be totally ignored. So, we see one partner trying to manage the work load alone. Very, fatigue and burn out will set in and puts such a partner in a lot of stress. We are all too familiar with how dangerous and detrimental stress can be.

5. Results In Distrust

In almost all instances where attention or care is limited or lacking, the first and most likely assumption is usually that the relenting partner has been distracted by another person. It is concluded that his or her negligence is resulting from having Someone else to give it too. In no time, suspicion will grow greatly and distrust can set in. It is believed that a focused and caring partner would not forget or relent on his or her expected duties. Thus, when this happens, it usually calls for a lot of concern.

Everyone needs attention and care. It does not matter how able he or she is to give self care, there is always that desire to be looked after properly by another. Also, there is need for other responsibilities to be shared and effectively performed. Nothing really works out when no one is willing to get their hands dirty, though not literally.
Any kind of relationship that exits is a kind of partnership. Accordingly, the kind of deal requires cooperation in all things. So, when this cooperation is lacking, it is very possible for things to go bad. Therefore, it is unwise to let a situation of negligence or irresponsibility continue if the partners want a functional relationship.

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