6 Tips To Help You Cope With Anxiety Amidst Uncertainty

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Life can change very quickly and unpredictably. True essence of life comes with it’s uncertainties as it changes in moments with lots of surprises, the good, bad and ugly. Happy today, sad the next day, healthy today, next day, waking up to feeling sick. Life constantly changing and throwing us curve balls, twist and thorns with hope that it gets better later only to realize that “later” becomes worse as someone once asked, Are there any better ending in life? Why not live your life enjoying every single moment because tomorrow is never assured.

Realistically, Uncertainty is very natural and unavoidable. Alot happening in life is uncertain and out of our control.. Making a real life during times like this is hard. Lately, we have been navigating through times with fear of the unknown, what the future holds and how to survive the current situation. The pandemic hit us with it’s uncertainty, leaving us anxious, stressed, feeling hopeless and helpless. Uncertainty is characterized by worries, overwhelming effect of fears and anxiety, panic, experiencing something unusual.

As humans, we are not certain about anything, our health, insecurity, our finances, Relationships, job, and even finding it difficult to put food on our table. Right about now, life seem to be going from bad to worse, everything you could imagine is getting cancelled, we’re literally living the “new Normal” from one lockdown to another. No gathering, weddings, festivals. We’re bombarded with anxiety and news about coronavirus, social isolation thereby making some of us think suicidal and depressed. If you’re wondering how to cope with uncertain circumstances with your sanity intact, and confidently facing the unknown, then, trying these few tips can help you deal with your anxiety.

1. Dont Worry About What You Can’t Control

Trying to cope with uncertainties and worrying at this time doesn’t help, too much worry can only worsen this uncontrollable situation. Focus on ways to deviate your mindset, live in the present, Dwell less on the future and what may happen but focus
on the moment. Worrying never solves any problem but prepares you for the worse, it deprives you of your sleep, putting your health at stake. instead of worrying, focus on taking effective measures. you can’t stop the spread of corona virus, however, you have a part to play by taking the necessary precautions, if it’s about your health, try eating healthy, rest well, drink Enough water. If your current job isn’t good enough, start sending out applications. Avoid the things you have no control over and focus on the ones you can control.

2. Stay Calm But Busy

Most of the negative thoughts comes when we spend too much time in our heads. Since we have limited places to go. Spending so much time indoors, dedicating your time doing something you love, there are lots of free courses you could take online, reading Novels, watch Netflix. This could prevent you from spending too much time on your head,

3. Get Virtually Social

Spending time on platforms that completely enriches your life at this unpredictable moment is of great importance to your sanity. This doesn’t mean you should spend your time engaging on irrelevances rather striking healthy conversation with people who share similar ideas with you. Don’t focus on rumours and bad news. Going on social platforms doesn’t mean you must believe and buy into everything you see or listen to. However, social platforms can help shift your mindset from your challenges depending on what you read, it could help or mar you, be careful what you do there as well.

4. Find Ways To Manage Your Stress Level

In times like this were uncertainty is real, people who are going to get through this better are the ones who are able to have their stressors in check. While waiting and hoping things get better, having a proper self-care, exercise, meditation will help reduce your stress level. take you mind off future occurrences rather focus more on the present.

5. Just Let It Out

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by fear and all manner of negative thoughts When uncertainty arises, find a way of letting it out, you could reach out to family and friends who care about you for any kind of support instead of keeping it to yourself. If you keep suppressing your emotions, this can only increase your anxiety and make you more vulnerable to depression. Always let out your emotions, it helps reduce your stress.

6. Accept And Adapt To Uncertainty

Adaptability is one key threat that has a major impact on our happiness and wellbeing. The more adaptable you are, the less your mental well-being is going to be negatively impacted by uncertainties. Truthfully, uncertainty is a part of our existence. However, Being ready and open to accepting surprises will allow you build your self-confidence to cope with uncertainties. No one prays for bad but you have to be prepared to accept and adapt to any circumstances that meets you so you wouldn’t be swept off your feet when it sets in. We are currently facing this pandemic which has brought so much change that’s now part of our existence, the only way to survive is accept this change and adapt. Alot of companies going remote, people doing more virtual stuff, employees now having their meetings via zoom. They’ve been forced into accepting and adapting to this changes.

Uncertainty is the only certain thing and we may be overwhelmed by these experiences. The feeling of uncertainty is frustrating and can make you want to breakdown.. However, Life keeps moving whether you like it or not. Embrace the fact that uncertainty is part of life.

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