Three Of England’s Most Senior Judges Quashed Man City’s Defense and Their Appeals

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Court 73’s doors are at the end of a short, minimally decorated corridor. A wooden seat runs the length of one wall, with signs reminding people to keep their distance. The employees did not need to be concerned.

Beyond a layer of security and a maze of darkened hallways, this corner of the Royal Courts of Justice can be found. Down more identi-corridors, around hidden corners, up flights of stairs. Until you get to East Block, that is. Even so, Court 73 remains closed. It cautions that there will be no access to the public or the press. There was also no fanfare.

The inquiry began in December 2018 following the publication of ‘Football Leaks’ allegations by the German magazine Der Spiegel, alleging a slew of violations by City. They included hiding owner Sheik Mansour’s direct investment as sponsorship money.

The club has always maintained that the data was taken “out of context” and “allegedly hacked or stolen,” and that “the attempt to harm the club’s reputation is organized and evident.” Despite this, they have refused to hand up some records, causing the Premier League to initiate arbitration proceedings in an attempt to force them to comply.

Source: Daily Mail

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