Football Leaks Hacker Rui Pinto Will Help The Premier League’s Inquiry Into Man City

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The notorious individual at the center of the ‘Football Leaks’ organization, which exposed wrongdoing all throughout the world of football, has offered to help the Premier League as they probe Manchester City for possible rule violations. Rui Pinto, 32, is currently in a witness protection program in Portugal, where he is facing charges of alleged hacking and other offenses. His trial is expected to resume next month.

Pinto, a self-described whistleblower, made a deal with Portuguese legal authorities to hand up hundreds of millions of papers he had that could help them with numerous corruption cases.

He had been under house arrest until August of last year, when he was released under round-the-clock police protection for his own safety.

The Premier League and City will not say specific violations are being investigated; all they would say is that the claims stem from ‘Football Leaks’ materials collected by Pinto and published by German magazine Der Spiegel in 2018.

Source: Daily Mail

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