“It Will Be Wise For ManU To Cut Their Losses On Paul Pogba Now”, Martin Samuel

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It’s that time of year when hardy annuals come into their own. Helip-terum, ladybird poppies, nasturtiums, and Paul Pogba’s agency negotiating a deal with a club for which he does not play.

Without fail, every year. Roses should be as simple to grow as possible. It’s Paris Saint-Germain this time. Mino Raiola is estimating how much Pogba should be paid after a transfer that hasn’t happened, to a club that hasn’t bought him, for participation in games that would be a breach of contract if he even touched the ball.

United is expected to extend once more, this time bigger and better. But why is that? Only a Pogba who plays for France would be worth an improvement on his current Manchester United deal, and United has never found him in their five-year hunt.

Wayne Rooney claims that this is due to the fact that France makes better use of him. They put him in a deeper position so he has more time to choose a pass. When United did that and their midfield struggled because Pogba isn’t the most attentive defender, the solution was always to move him higher upfield so that others could screen behind him.

Source: Daily Mail

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