“Atlético Will Not Be Able To Sign A Forward If Saúl Does Not Leave”

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The fight between Saal and Griezmann has subsided. He is adored by Liverpool and Manchester United, and the rojiblanco has a chance to play in the Premier League. Atlético will be unable to sign unless Sal leaves.

Atlético de Madrid finished their working week at Los Angeles de San Rafael with one player absorbing nearly all of the limelight: Sal. He trained with the youth squad to gain the requisite physique to begin the season, and he does so with his future uncertain. Sal is free to leave, albeit he is still under Simeone’s orders for the time being.

Atlético will not rush or take any chances with the midfielder. Despite the fact that his departure to Barcelona has nearly been assumed, the issue has not taken a dramatic turn in recent days.

Quite the opposite is true. Although his agent has been in contact with various clubs, Sal could end up at Barcelona. Liverpool and Manchester United are both likely destinations, and if he does not wear a blaugrana, he may finish up in the Premier League.

Source: AS

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