How Wives Push Their Husbands Into Keeping Side chicks

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Without a doubt, most ladies reading this will quickly want to deny the credence this carries or the reality embedded in this. Yes, most wives are those responsible for their husbands having extra marital affairs.
Currently, the wave of stories and incidence surrounding side chicks has been very strong. almost all quarters, we hear accounts of married men going off after ladies who are not their lawfully wedded wives.

In truth, several factors might be responsible for this. There are so many things that push men into keeping concubines and mistresses. However, very prominent among these reasons is the part played by their wives.
In variety of ways wives cause their husbands to look outside and in many occasions end up having affairs with side chicks.

1. Negative Attitude:

Some woman display some really lethargic attitudes. Attitudes that quenches all good vibes and spirit of a union. Sometimes, these traits or behavioral patterns are inculcated consciously while at other times they may be acquired passively.
Sadly, these negative attitudes come in packs such that a man is left regretting his choice of wife. Some women have unforgiving spirit. They do not forgive talk less of forgetting ills done to them by their husbands. Sometimes wives are expert at nagging and complaining. They wear their husbands out by this, riding him of any form of peace with continuous dragging of issues and whining about petty and trivial issues.
Also, once the initial years of honeymoon passes, wives develop poor communication attitude. The previously buzzing line of communication get stifled and cold. Some even thwart the efforts by their husbands to maintain smooth and constant communication. This can be so displeasing to men.
Frequently, in situations of disagreement or conflict, many wives uses abusive language and derogatory comments on their husbands. They make use of verbal attack to infuriate their men. Not very many men can stand this kind of attitude. Selfishness is yet another wrong trait possessed by women which drives their husbands outside. These woman withhold their resources solely to themselves and refuse to share. They are also emotionally selfish and not being as caring as they should be. This does not attract their husbands and keep them in the house.

2. Negligence And Irresponsibility
Not stepping up to the duties and roles expected of a wife is another issue that is causing problems and resulting in infidelity by men. Negligence can come in different forms.
It is rather unfortunate that many wives use intimacy as bargaining power with their husbands. They even involve in withholding sex from their husbands or any form of physical intimacy which is a necessary ingredient in marriage. This act ranks high among things that send men off to side chicks. It is usually said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For whatever reason, not cooking and taking care of a husbands nutritional needs is very wrong. A hungry man, will definitely search for where to fill himself. Restaurant and eateries are not enough to satify any man. Men love food prepared at home. Thus, not getting proper feeding has sent many husbands away to side chicks.
Some wives are lazy, careless and unconcerned with house work. Some do not know how to tend the home, manage resources and organize things. Also, not providing emotional needs like calling, checking up, giving surprises, giving support, and all similar acts push men outside a lot.

3. Lack Of Self Development And Maintenance
Refusing to adapt to changes, maintaining achaic fashion sense, not keeping in shape, not maintaining hygiene, no initiative in career or business. Some wives just settle in life, refusing to aspire and make out something of their own. Husbands love to see their wives being enterprising. Especially in the current state of things. They love women who try to improve themselves and become something. Thus, being with a wife who lacks motivation and drive can kill a man’s feelings and and lead him to go after other women outside the marriage.

4. Rigidity And Lack Of Effecting Corrections
At the top of all the causative factors facilitating a scruffy union, is the refusal of many women to accept their fault. Many wives are rigid and redundant. They close their ears to all attempts to out them straight and correct their errors. At times, some women are too cocky and arrogant to see their fault and apologize. Also, these wives fail to make any efforts to make amends and readjust their lifestyle.
This is a condition of extreme frustration and annoyance for husbands. Thus, after they must have tried over time to put their wives in line and they refuse, some simply move outside to find peace and happiness from other women. A lot of husbands do not welcome the idea of divorce, so they would instead keep extra marital affairs.
Though in the final analysis, the utmost blame resides with the husbands since they are supposed to seek proper media of handling their issues. Still, a large chunk of the blame goes to the wives.
There are many husbands who are not completely mature and may not have the requisite ability to deal with stressors and negativities. Thus, the core of the wives’ blame is in the fact that they facilitated their husbands’ ineptitude. This they do by creating unfavourable, unconducive environments in the homes, giving their men the needed excuses to misbehave.

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