3 Possible Problems Distrust And Suspicion Can Cause Your Relationship

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In many instances, the happily ever after vision and dream of most lovers do not come to fulfilment. On a very regular basis, we find once inseparable partners being dispersed and broken apart.

In reality, there are just too many things that cause relationships to break apart. With man’s volatility and unpredictability, issues can just sprout up leading to disintegration and separation.

However, there are some issues that break a union way faster than others. Among these is the condition of distrust and suspicion. Honestly, it is not easy to keep up with someone you do not trust. Even when there is still love and care, without trust, many relationships cannot subsist.

Always having to watch your back or doubt the words of your partner is not a desirable condition. You will have to virtually be on the watch constantly to be sure your significant other is not engaging in one shady act or another. Once this becomes a constant condition, certainly, issues will come up which might in most cases destroy a union. Distrust, doubt and suspicion have a variety of ways they pull lovers apart. Some of these ways include:

1. Emotional Detachment

Cordiality is built on the platform of understanding, agreement and trust. Attachments develop when we find hearts and souls being in harmony with ours. Accordingly, when we no longer feel this communion and alignment of hearts with someone, we slowly and gradually become detached and distant. We no more feel the freedom and confidence to share ourselves and our hearts. The comfortable feeling and dependency we once had with our partners will most likely get diminished and even vanish.

2. Distorted Communication

If you are in doubt about the trustworthiness of your partner, it becomes difficult to maintain a free flowing line of communication. Regular and mutual exchange of information is very vital for keeping a relationship alive. This however gets distorted once we feel unsafe and disconnected from our partners. Obviously, without proper communication, things will get out of hand and get bad.

3. Reduced Intimacy

When hearts are far apart, bodies will equally get estranged. Without closeness psychologically and physically, the warmth and companionship expected between partners will certainly be lacking. Getting intimate with someone, means you are willing to let a part of yourself out to the person.

Thus, if you do not feel a high sense of security and trust, adequate intimacy will be lacking and this does not spell good for a relationship. Looking intently into some core dynamics of life, we can see that there are some things that are simply too necessary in a relationship. Love and trust must be present in a functional union. Nothing and absolutely nothing can replace trust. You cannot use gifts, care or whatever to cover up distrust. Any couple hoping to maintain and sustain their relationship must ensure that they build and nourish trust at all cost. At any point where a breach of trust sets in, there is an impending doom and the end of such union is almost guaranteed unless drastic measures are taken.

Thus, we all need to be on the look out to avoid acts that can bring distrust in our relationships. If we truly love and cherish our partners, then we should prioritize earning and keeping their trust in us. Distrust and suspicion has never brought any good irrespective of the type of relationship.

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