Is Your Love Stronger Than Distance?

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Somehow, you would have come across the issue of long distance relationship in our present age. In ancient days, issues such as this would not have constituted a cause of discussion, however, considering how things are changing, it has become just too necessary to try to deal with this.

Long distance is obviously a concept that many have come to recognize. Often times, we find two persons being in totally distant and far apart locations being involved with each other. Sometimes, this is a conscious and purposeful decision by the partners. At other times, situations and circumstances spread already committed lovers to two different worlds. What is always the outgrowth from this? How do these persons react? How do they cope and deal with this separation?

Truly, this is a condition that can instigate great chaos and controversies. As a matter of fact, the advent of distance in an old union signals a gradual movement towards the end is such. Contrarily, we have seen a significant number of those surviving this disruption and even going on to become stronger and healthier. We can all hazard guesses about what could possibly be responsible for this terminations.

However, the factors that hold others is what we most times do not pay attention to. Possibly, many things can be used to sustain this kind of relationship. However, I want us to talk about one of the most potent and crucial one, love.

The concept of love has over the years brought about a lot of issues. The sheer power that it has to cause people to act in certain ways is still a mystery to many. We have seen people in love take some very outrageous decisions and actions. We have seen others do some totally inconceivable things with no other reasons other than they are in love. The craze associated with this particular feeling, has not been substantiated thus far.

This is on the one side. On the other hand, great feats have been reached, outstanding achievements have been made possible, daunting challenges have been overcame and tremendous sacrifices have been made because of this same feeling of love.

Thus, it is quite understandable when we find two persons, defying the odds and surmounting the hurdles that distance pose to them in order to sustain and grow their union. You must have seen an instance or two where persons travel far distances on a regular basis just to be with the ones they love. Others have invented lofty strategies and mechanisms to obscure the bane of distance.

In all these it is seen that, love stood out a the single, most prominent driver of this success. So, what do you think about this? If you are in a similar situation, what path would you want to thread? How strong is the love between you and your partner? Are you willing to pay the price for the survival of your relationship?

In truth, critical challenges are involved with long distance relationships, yet they are all solvable with the right attitude of love. Therefore, keep in mind if you are considering this type of affair, that so much will be demanded of you psychologically and emotionally. Also, know that you would have to deal with a lot of inconveniences. Yet, if your love for each other is sufficient, anything is possible.

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