Harry Maguire Admits Being Left Scared After Dad Suffered Broken Ribs In Terrifying Scenes

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Following the horrific scenes of ticketless England supporters bursting into Wembley Stadium on Sunday, Harry Maguire has revealed that his father was left with suspected broken ribs.

Thousands of spectators flocked to the stadium to watch England face Italy in the Euro 2020 final, hoping to see Gareth Southgate’s team win their first major title in 55 years. The Three Lions centre-father back’s Alan was caught up in the pandemonium after the stadium’s security was breached as a result of the chaotic scenes.

After supporters who had broken into the stadium through a handicapped entrance barged through everyone standing in their way, the 56-year-old accountant was crushed to the ground with two suspected fractured ribs.

Kenneth Shepherd, the agent for Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, was crushed underfoot as he sought to get to his place in the players’ families area to the left of the tunnel where the players make their way out onto the pitch.

Source: Daily Mail

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