Fans At Premier League Stadia May Need A Covid Passport From Mid-August

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From the first round of fixtures in mid-August, fans attending Premier League football matches may require a Covid Passport to obtain access to stadiums. The government is expected to ‘encourage’ the use of Covid certification for large gatherings, as well as masks in specific circumstances, although neither will be mandatory.

Given the risk and repercussions of a Covid outbreak, it’s doubtful that any sport would defy government guidelines on this issue.
The new guideline comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the use of Covid passports, citing new concerns that large crowds could hasten the spread of coronavirus following Independence Day on July 19.

For Premier League football, it now appears that the government will hope to see a certification mechanism in place from the opening match, which is Brentford against Arsenal on Friday August 13, ahead of a complete round of fixtures.

The NHS app is used for Covid certification, and it can determine whether a person has had two doses of the vaccine, has a negative lateral flow test, or has inherent immunity to the virus from a past infection.

Source: Daily Mail

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