5 Possible Things That Snuffs Out The Life In A Long Distance Relationship

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If we want to be realistic, we would agree that at times we let our hearts to wander and explore even to dangerous territories. Sometimes, we follow our hearts beyond reason and beyond reality into taking some decisions.

In truth, we may not always be able to control the reactions of our hearts. The feelings that develop within us may be such that no much control can be made. This way, we find ourselves getting hooked up with someone we met somewhere far from us maybe physically or virtually. So, we get attached to someone who is not in close proximity with us and decide to get together.

Sadly too, there are times that initially close lovers being separated from each other by huge distance as a result of one thing or the other. Here, these persons may have limited options and may have to keep the union over the distance barrier. This, being a very testing and uncomfortable situation. Truly, a significant number of persons have had this experience.

Significantly, many of them have successfully handled the situation and were able to keep their unions and continue in love even to the point of finally legalizing it. Similarly, many other lovers in long distance relationships have not been so fortunate. Unfortunately, their relationships have been broken apart and disrupted.

Your mind must be wondering what could possibly be the cause so, I would be stating some of the lethal items associated with this kind of union that quenches the fire.

1. Less Attention And Concern

It is not uncommon for lovers who move apart from each other to soon start ignoring their duties towards each other. Thus, they begin to give less attention to their partners and reduce the concern they use to show. At times, they become too engrossed in the new environment and fail to keep in mind the needs of their lovers. Sometimes, they get too comfortable with their new location and feel their partners should also be comfortable where they are.

2. Reduced Effort And Commitment

Maybe because they are not physically present, partners feel they are free from responsibilities towards their partners. In bits, these partners cut off portions of the things they used to do for each other and are not much committed to putting in much effort into sustaining their love and relationship. No or little commitment and effort is very easily indicative of loss of interest which is usually detected by partners.

3. Poor Communication And Reaching Basis

Being up to date with the happenings in and around our partners irrespective of distance barrier is very crucial. Constantly keeping in touch on a very regular basis removes the chances of speculations and uncertainties. Also, you tend to be quite actively present and involved in your partners life even when you are not physically present. Therefore, maintaining an active line of communication between yourselves promotes cordiality and understanding between lovers. Conversely, if you let this channel of communication to die, so also will your relationship begin to gradually fade away.

4. Emotional Detachment And Replacement

Time and distance have a subtle way of diminishing feelings. This will get worse in a situation where the conditions discussed above are in existence. Due to mixing up with new crop of persons and making new acquaintances, some persons get emotionally detached from their lovers and get attached to new persons. Along with these, they also begin to slowly replace their partners, emotionally and physically. This is not good for a relationship.

5. Distrust And Suspicion

Mostly, the culmination of all these points listed above is in distrust and suspicion. When there is hindered flow between lovers, little commitment, reduced efforts, little concern and all the likes, surely lack of trust will set in as well. Once the trust is gone, there is a very high chances that such a relationship will very soon fade away.

In all honesty, there is no possibility of having a functional relationship in the face of all these. With the presence of all these negativities, flow of emotions and feelings will be greatly hindered. As such, in a gradual manner, the fire that once lightened up the hearts of lovers soon dies out. The fuel that once sustained their desires and passion get exhausted.

Equally, the spirit of these once-romantic love birds are totally extinguished. As it is, maintaining love in a long distance relationship is a commitment we all have to make. Sadly, there are many reasons that may take two serious lovers from each other.

However, this is not enough reason for the union to end. With a little commitment in our part, distance will not be a problem to us.

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