“When Harry Kane’s Goal Come, They Come In Torrents” Martin Samuel

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Harry Kane stood on the sidelines, taking everything in. He took a break from his round of interviews to listen to the stadium’s din, which included a rowdy performance of Sweet Caroline. He grinned, shook his head in wonder, and went on.

Later, he was joined by his family. They couldn’t hug or even touch, so Kane kept his distance once more. Even though they were ecstatic and grinning, they were still apart. And it’s likely that’s how Gareth Southgate views his skipper. A unique individual.

This much was evident when England’s team was named on Tuesday, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin not even on the replacements’ bench. Calvert-Lewin was added to the roster as a Kane backup. Southgate’s decision essentially validated his belief that one does not exist.

If Southgate has comparable concerns, the loss of Kane would be the most serious. So Kane’s goal against Germany must now be his hope for a more regular run.

Source: Daily Mail

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