4 Reasons Some People Think Double Dating Is Fun And Adventurous?

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In reality, man will always find ways of coming up with schemes and attitudes that are way distant from the expected code of conduct. At times, what is today called fun and joke are very serious issues with great consequences.

Promiscuity and infidelity have risen greatly in human society. It is becoming increasingly difficult to trust people and to find those who do not engage in one form of insincerity or another. Loyalty and faithfulness at present are very rare and scarce commodities.

What does it Mean to Double or Multiple Date? Well, with the ever changing trends of events, new terminologies and concepts are being formulated. Double dating refers to when an individual is keeping two lovers or partners at the same time. It is when one is juggling two active relationships at the same time.

Accordingly, multiple dating refers to when someone does this with more than two persons. That is, when an individual is engaged in a relationship with more than two persons simultaneously. To most persons, there is absolutely nothing wrong in keeping more than one committed relationship at the same time as far as you can handle comfortably without any issues.

So others opine that, if one is smart and wise enough to ensure that there are no clashes of interests among the various partners engaged with, then such a person can proceed and keep as many relationships as possible. Obviously, there are still a set of persons who are bothered greatly by this concept. They keep wondering why some many persons involve in double and multiple dating? What is really the attraction behind this?

1. The Feeling Of Control And Conquest

A lady or a man who is involved in two or more relationships at the same time feels he or she is in control. These persons see themselves of having power to do as they please as they hold stakes in their various partners lives. There is also that feeling of having conquered your various dates. They feel they have been able to subdue them to their whims and have them hovering all around them. This provides an impression of control and conquest which makes the person feel good.

2. The Availability Of Options

Anytime one is endowed with more options to choose from, there is always a certain sense of joy attached. Knowing that there are alternatives to pick from makes one enjoy a particular thing. As it is, if one partner tries to act up in a certain kind of way, you can easily turn aside to the other for what ever need you may have. This reason fuels most persons desire to have more than one partner at a time. The concept of not putting ones eggs in one basket is used to justify this. The excitement Variety, it is said, is the spice of life. Little wonder why people obtain so much pleasure and excitement in keeping more than one relationship at a time.

3. Hanging Out With Different Persons From Time To Time Is Fun.

That way, you do not get bored or tired of seeing a particular face or spending time with a particular person. The Feeling of importance and being wanted Having many people flock around you all seeking your attention is a big reason people double date. That feeling that one is being courted by multiple persons and is being showered attention from all sides drive some persons to engage in multiple relationships at the same time.

4. The Bragging Rights.

You may not be new to the concept of body count especially among the male folk. They love the numbers as it massages their ego whenever They are sitting out with fellow men. At times, the number of women in a guys control is used as a measure of manhood by some persons. Ladies use this to rate how trendy and current they are. Therefore, the fact that this multiple dates accords a kind of prestige makes it an adventure for many people.

Somehow, we can agree that those practice double or multiple dating have their reasons and to some extent, they derive some benefits from it. Till tomorrow, there will still be those continuing in this practice not interested in its moral rightness or wrongness. However, good virtues and attributes are always better. Thus, we should all be thinking of how to be faithful and loyal to one sole partner which is the ideal thing to do.

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