Is Loyalty In Relationships Overrated?

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Loyalty refers to the condition whereby someone gives his or her full, unflinching support to something or someone. In the context of this article, loyalty refer to sticking firmly to a particular partner no matter challenges or enticement from outsiders without wavering.

In time past, core values and virtues were used to moderate human interactions and activities. People paid attention to value systems and how much of it a certain individual displayed, was used to rank such a person when it comes to issues of reputation.

Strangely, in the present days, morality has been greatly reduced to naught. People believe there is nothing wrong in most actions as far as it can get you the results you want. Thus, no need undertaking the stress of keeping up to a high moral standard when you can do otherwise.

A good number of people are of the opinion that for spouse to display deep trust and allegiance to each other. There are some factors that are responsible for this position.

Firstly, it is thought and theorized that no one deserves this level of trust. Almost everyone is believed to be doing one underground business or another. That one is to be trusted as people always have an affair or another. With the scarcity of good, honest people, it is seen as a waste of time hoping to get loyalty in return by being loyal yourself.

Another conception holds that you will miss out on the fun of life by staying with a singular partner. With all the fleeting excitement and thrill of having a variety of women or men in your life, sticking to one person is seen as boring and limiting. Instead, most people suggest that one should enjoy life to the fullest. Go wild, be reckless, do crazy stuff and all the likes.

A significant portion of the population feel that being too loyal to a particular person will lead to you being taken for granted. It is said that such a person will begin to feel too comfortable and will be tempted to feel reluctant. There are many chances that when your partner sense that you are being totally loyal, he or she will take you for a fool. is a good chance that your partner lowers his or her commitment and input in the union.

With these reasons, some are of the opinion that it is necessary that you keep your lover on his or her toes all the time. The need to have a back up and contingency plan is one reason too why people do not believe in loyalty to a particular partner. The tendency for a union to break apart is always there. Thus, it is thought by many that having one lover is like staking too much on one odd.

To stand better chances and avoid being too susceptible and exposed to heartbreak, one should keep more than one partner at a time.

Lastly, a belief is being held by some that being loyal does not help one know how to deal with and handle different kinds of people in life. It is theorized that conveniently managing different affairs simultaneously, endows one with the requisite skills of handling difficult situations and complex issues in life. Thus, from concurrently keeping relationship, it is assumed that one will gather vital experience in human and situation management.

In view of these points above, many persons have come out to support the practice of double dating and keeping multiple partners. Therefore, instead of pursuing loyalty which may still turn out badly in the end, some persons feel it is better to have fun and enjoy oneself as it also has perceived advantages.

Therefore, the ball is in your court. It is for you to take decision whether be faithful and loyal or be a serial player. On the whole, I belief it is better to give your love and affection faithfully to a singular person.

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