Dangers And Errors Of Dating Among Minors

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The tendency of man to abuse a particular thing or another is very inherent. At all times that there are no restrictions or outright control of a thing, misconducts of various degrees will set in. Sometimes, even in a well structured system, man always try to find his own way.

The word dating at present, is one of the most frequently used word. Almost everyone know something about it or has experienced it in one form or another. The discourse about dating is quite rampant and frequent today.

Surprisingly, this concept of dating and relationship is becoming very popular among pupils and students in primary and secondary school classes. It is not very strange to hear kids in primary school classes talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. This has left many people in an alarmed state.

Who are Minors? Minors here make reference to those who are not of age. It refers to a person who is not up to the age of majority, consent, criminal responsibility or other adult responsibilities and accountabilities. In our society, it could therefore be summarized that a minor is someone below eighteen years of age which is the official age of maturity constitutionally.

Those in the secondary schools even take it a notch higher by making plans for life in future and even introducing themselves as lovers. Surely, this is an abnormally. In no way can this be or hold good tidings. For one, these are underaged individuals.

Aside from the fact that there is no maturity in age, there is little or no experience and little capacity to handle themselves. What kids want to do in a relationship is a rather disturbing query. Also, the young naive minds lack the capacity to embark on detailed thinking which will enable them chart the course of their relationship deligently. By the share factor of their age, it is obvious that these minors cannot adequately engage in some critical thought.

Talking about ideas of life and understanding reality, a minor is not equipped with the proper array of these. He or she has not experienced the hustle and bustle of survival and may not even have an outline of how his or her life should be. For such to enter into a relationship is a sure disaster waiting to happen.

Mostly, in situations like this, there is bound to be some illegitimate acts and abuses. With these minors totally unprepared mentally and psychologically and with very little exposure to life, in their excitement they may engage in destructive tendencies. They may engage in unsafe sexual activities. They may wish to try out hard drugs and substances.

There are just too many things that may go wrong about this. Lastly, this kind of relationship is structured to fail. With the lack of purpose and direction, a collapse is almost imminent. Sadly though, this collapse may come after a party or both has experienced some damages. The statistics might amaze you what issues teenagers get themselves into. From the foregoing, it can be seen that parenting affects a huge portion of the society. If defective children are produced from the homes, definitely, they will make up a chaotic and irresponsible society.

Accordingly, it is necessary for parents to carefully and diligently watch out for their kids so as to be able to give them the proper orientation and foundation about key issues like that of relationship and dating.

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