5 Key Maturity Needs Before Marriage

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Marriage has been a serious business right from inception. In biblical records, the first man had to be put in deep sleep while his rip bone was being taken out of him to create a wife for him.

It is noteworthy that it was not just immediately after Adam was created that a wife was arranged for him. went by alone for sometime before getting a wife. This account highlights and buttresses the fact that one, must grow and develop in all aspects before marriage.

The need for maturity in marriage is not always well understood by many. As such, they downplay the necessity of one being mature before entering into a marriage union.

Maturity refers to the state or condition of growing or developing up to a certain level. In this context, it entails accumulation of knowledge and materials to a significantly adequate amount. Thus, let us take a look at the most important aspects of maturity necessary for marriage to be healthy and sustainable.

Truly, no one stepping into marriage without these things will be able to achieve much success. As such, in no particular order, you will find the most crucial areas of maturity needed.

1. Mental Maturity

Anyone willing and planning to get married need to have the ability to engage deep critical thought process because the marriage union will have lots of occasions that will require one to conduct cognitive analysis of things. One need to have a fair idea about many things so as to be able to take wise decisions. Also, aside from taking decisions, one need to know how to logically reason out things and be able to draw proper conclusions and inferences.

2. Financial Maturity

Nothing can go on smoothly in marriage or in any association without finances. In this life, it is almost as if money dictates everything that happens. In a relationship, there are many things that require finances. There is need to show love to your partner with gifts and surprises, you will need to hang out and go on outings, you will need to provide some basic needs for yourself and your partner, you need to look good and take care care of yourself, you need security in an instance of emergency, you need finance to push for marriage rites. Truthfully, you can do none of the aforementioned without adequate financial power.

Unless, the relationship is not important or significant in anyway then, you can go ahead without finance. Ideally, a means or means of significant income must be available. Some kind of financial assets need to be present before one commenses a serious relationship.

3. Emotional And Psychological Maturity

Stressors targeting emotions and feelings are numerous in life and especially in a relationship. It is not possible to have a situation where there are no hitches or emotional stressors. Knowing how to manage feelings of anger, frustration, pain, heartache and the likes is just too necessary. Marriage is going to be a union of two separate entities with different ideologies and practices, thus there are going to be disagreements and hurt. Accordingly, anyone desiring to get married must be prepared and able to properly cope with emotional stress.

4. Spiritual Man Is A Spiritual Being.

In line with man’s spirituality, things concerning faith, believes and worship do come up. There is no denying that our religions play vital roles in how we conduct ourselves and the decisions we take, it therefore means we need to have a good command of our spiritual status before getting married. The way we conduct our spirituality can be a problem to our marital life. So, one need to have a grip of his or her religious and spiritual standings when considering getting married.

5. Marriage Is Not For Kids NOr Infants.

The components of marriage requires that one be fully developed before going into it. Expression of sexuality, birthing children, working in the home and all, requires physical strength. Also, underaged cannot plan and execute marriage legally.

Thus, there is need for one to be physically mature. A lady will need to push out babies and be able to Carry them. She will need to cook, organize and manage things in the home. The man will need to arrange the house, be able to work, cook and all.

Thus, taking a critical look at the concept of marriage, there are some key requirements and conditions that need to be met before commencing the union. It will be rather unwise to enter into marriage unprepared and unqualified. Therefore there is need for everyone to assess their level of maturity in these key aspects before considering settling down.

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