The Attraction And Troubles Of Dating An Older Woman

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Though we may not have a compact code regarding the dynamics of a relationship, there are norms and generally accepted ways of doing things. Generally, it is expected that a man be older than a woman. You can debate this with your ancestors but this is what we all came to see. Whoever propounded the concept or what ever group gave the directive is not known to us.

However, looking at the biblical record of events, the first man was created before the woman. Though this will not be accepted by many persons, but it is one viable explanation. Men, in most number of cases are usually older than the women.

Thus, when it happens that a man is with a lady who is higher in age than himself, it raises some eyebrows. Also, it begins to beg the questions of what could possibly make such a man agree to this arrangement. Accordingly, we might as well need to see  few of the incentives and allurement that a man will get in being with an older lady.

Benefits Of Dating Or Marrying An Older Lady

As stated above, in a significant number of cases, a man is seen in love or in one romantic relationship or another with a lady older than himself. What could be the driving force and possible benefit of this?

The Man Will Get More Care And Attention

Just imagine dating or marrying your mom or your elder sister. Older ladies have the natural disposition to want to take very good care of their men. Without any conscious efforts, older ladies are structured to caring and giving attention to the needs of the younger men they are in love with. Somehow, they view the man as being their responsibility and their child to nurture. Thus, they are likely to give much attention and thoughts to the well being of their men.

She Would Possibly Be More Financially Competent

Having spent more days on earth than the man, most times, older women come with their own financial strength into such a relationship or marriage. She would have had some investments and savings and probably assets she had acquired before meeting the man. These gives her better financial power than some younger ladies. This does not happen in all cases and this does not mean that younger ladies do not have money. However, it is more likely that an older lady, would have accumulated more financial resources with the extra time she has spent.

The Lady Will Have More Emotional And Mental Maturity

With age comes experience and invariably maturity. There are some exceptions though. Still, in most cases, an older lady will be less naive, less reactive, more accommodating, more understanding and more rational. With all the things she has seen, she is better equipped to handle issues, she has developed some grit and resistance towards some things and thus has more mature ways of handling issues.

What Detrimental Effects Can Come From Dating Or Marrying An Older Lady

Though this is not a guaranteed outcome, but from experiences and evidences, we can agree that in most cases problems usually occur because of age disparity between a man a woman. This happens especially when a man happens to be much younger than the lady. Still, this is not a general rule, but a frequent occurrence. Accordingly, it is necessary to bear in mind what possible ills can arise from a relationship between an older lady and a younger man.

She Might Age Faster Than The Man

In nature, the female species has a higher tendency of aging than their male counterpart. The lady, due to her kinds of hormonal system and body processes, is prone to showing signs of aging more rapidly than the man. In this regard, an older woman will invariably age faster than a younger man. Even when the man and woman are of similar age we see the woman aging faster, then imagine what it would be if she has more years than the man. With proper care and attention though, this can be curtailed but not completely avoided.

She Might Be Too Controlling

Her higher number of years must have exposed her to errant, erratic and irresponsible men, molding her to become apprehensive and wary of such attitudes. As such, in settling with a younger man who is usually more susceptible to this kind of behaviors, she would want to checkmate him tightly. This may result to the lady being more controlling and possessive. All this in an attempt to forestall negative expressions from the younger man.

She Might Be Disrespectful

At times, the woman might take advantage of her age to disrespect her man. She may not be able to bring down herself to be submissive and give proper obedience to the man. This attitude may not occur at the start of the relationship but may pop up along the line. Knowing that she is older than you, could make her cocky and saucy and may refuse to accord her man the due regard.

There is nothing much about the age of a lady. Inherently, there is no evil or gain in what direction a woman or a man’s age is. However, due to individual tendencies and mindset, age difference sometimes bring issues in a relationship between a man and a woman. Thus, for this reason a little consideration need to be taken. On the whole, if there is a strong sense of understanding, this may not even be an issue at all.

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