Age Or Romance, Which Is A Better Reason To Enter Into A Relationship?

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From time to time, we see two rather unrelated concepts being put together side by side. This could be either from societal opinions or a response to a current Issues. In many places, there happen to be a raging debate about this two concepts. Somehow, people have managed to create a marriage between age and romance.

Naturally, this doesn’t seem to be a direct connection between age and romance. It is a recent area of concern and is relatively less important to some persons. Questions such as, at what age should one start dating, how old a man should be before marriage, what should be the age gap between a man and his lady, should a man marry and older lady and so many other questions.

Considering the questions above, one might be tempted to ask, “does it really matter?”, “in which areas do these concerns come in?” It would appear that only on a very shallow and insignificant state, does age relate to romance. Though on the contrary, this does not seem to be so.

A few things motivate people to raise these questions and hold these discussions about age. Some of the concerns about age in a relationship include;

Age Determines One’s Readiness For Marriage

A faulty perception held by many is that how old a person is indicates how ready he or she is to settle down in marriage. In few cases, this assertion may hold true. However, in general, there is no direct linkage between a persons age and how ready he or she is to get married. This is because several other factors need to be put in perspective and many other things influence the level of readiness.

Age Determines The Level Of Respect Between Partners

Maybe because older persons are seen to be more deserving of respect, we see people proposing that the man should be way older than the wife. Many people are against the practice of people of similar age getting married together or where the lady is older than the man. Part of the society frowns against this stating that there will be a lot of disrespect. Yet, making respect a factor of age is not really credible.

Age Determines Legal Qualification Of An Individual

Of all the concerns listed here, this happens to be the one that has factual basis. It is advised to enter into a romantic relationship with a minor. In fact, in some places is Considered an abuse and a crime. It is only at a certain age that one is seen to have attained the age of consent and this varies between countries and between laws.

Romance Is Stronger Between Mature Persons

The idea of maturity as a thing of age is also what has led many to assume that romance works best with older persons. This group of persons hold the belief  that young individuals even though legally qualified should not think talk less of get into the a romantic union. Their reason being that romance is and should be a preserve for adults only.

The basis for some of these assumptions are not properly founded. Sometimes due to some occurrences, people are tempted to make these attribution of age with marriage.  However, aside from legal consideration in respect to age of consent and the physical development of an individual in terms of sexual functions, there is nothing really linking romance to age..

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