Should A Man Go Into A Relationship Without Money?

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What do you have to offer? This is one question that we hear people ask quite too often. Similarly, different persons have different reactions and reply to it. Actually, this is not a bad question or one that should annoy or offend. It expresses a genuine intention to understand what it is on the table and what kind of deal is being offered.

What does a man have to offer in a relationship? If a man is not buoyant enough and has no sustainable source of livelihood, should he be going after a lady? Are there other things that could be used to sustain a relationship? In our present time, the necessity of money in all areas of human life cannot be ignored. We all need to own a significant amount of purchasing power in order to function properly.

In relationship matters, a number of things have to be considered when deciding the place of money. Though money may not be the paramount thing, its vital role in relationship as well as in other aspects cannot be overemphasized. From the foregoing, it can be seen that, for a man to have money is a necessity.

This functions are such that it is only the man that can handle them. We want to consider very basic and critical needs for money by a man.

1. Need To Surprise And Spoil Her

A man needs to shower his lady with love and care. One way of doing this is by getting her gifts and surprise packages. Unless a man has resources, he cannot do this. A man needs money to obtain a cinema ticket, buy ice cream, get a dress and all the other kinds of nice stuff for a lady. This is not to say that it is a man’s duty to bear all the needs of the lady. But it is his place to do some nice things once in a while for the lady he loves. Love is expressed mostly by giving.

2. Need For Emergency

Though not being pessimistic or negative, in the reality of life, there are usually emergency situations. In this drastic and abrupt state, a man will need to act quick and fast and this requires him having means to handle the situation. When emergency happens and there is no money, the whole situation can get out of hand. Imagine that she gets and allergic attack or she suddenly faints with just the two of you around and you need to get her to a clinic?

3. Need To Look Good For Her

Unless you are such that will wait for the lady to provide you with all your needs, then you can go ahead and be comfortable without money in your possession. However, before you even get to get the lady for yourself, you need to be good looking not in facial appearance only but in dressing, scenting and tidiness. To shave your hair, get presentable clothes, get cosmetics and creams, get shoes and all, you need to have money. Let us say you are going out together, would you be looking all shabby and unkempt and expect her to be cool with it?

4. Need To Cater For Some Basic Needs

Unless you are still living with your parents or you have one benefactor or another, then you may not need to be concerned about some basic needs like food and accommodation, which in such a case, you should not even be going after a lady. However, as an independent man looking to have his own life and space, you need to have money so you can take care of your basic needs.

5. Need To Take Things To A Higher Level

For serious minded persons, a relationship is not a joke. These persons that have plans to settle down in marriage know that money will be required to accomplish this. The process of getting married and all the associated expenses need to be kept in perspective when going into a relationship. By implication, it is expedient that a man posses some financial power. Evidently, it is not just about having love and feelings for a lady. This is a cannot be enough to sustain a relationship.

Accordingly, as a man, you must seek out means to build working income channels. It is unadvisable to go after a lady when you have no means of keeping and maintaining her. You may not need to be a billionaire or even a millionaire first before you want to begin something with a lady.

However, you will have to be buoyant enough so you can perform your roles well and keep the union alive. It is true that at times, a man may run into bankruptcy with no alternatives and at such times a woman may support and help out. This is however not supposed to be permanent arrangement because it goes against the normal order of things. For a start, a man should have his own money before seeking augmentation or empowerment from a lady. It is not proper to saunter into a relationship without plans and without money. In truth, love and circumstances aside, every man needs money to keep his woman.

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