4 Reasons why Some African Parents Consider The Girl Child As A Liability

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In all reality and honesty, not a single thing is wrong with the females. Females are about the most amazing, angelic and awesome beings on earth. However, it is pointless to try to ignore an established rule. Also, it will be a great disservice to us if we shy aware from reality because of how sensitive this issue is.

Whatever the case, the reality remains that many parents, especially those of African descent do not have much prospect for the female child. It might look like such an absurd thing to do especially in this contemporary society, but that is the reality.

Thus, we are going to look at the possible reasons why less ambition and prospects is directed at the girl child. Many parents who place all their hopes on their male kids with very little or nothing on the females do so on perceived justified grounds.

If we want to conduct analyses based on their theories and conceptions, we may be tempted to adopt their stance. However, before we try to promote or reject their claims, I will love to highlight what their reasons are.

1. The Natural Duty To Work And Make Ends Meet Is On The Man

From both biological studies to theology, it is seen that men are the ones given the duty to be enterprising and to exert energy to sustain their homes and families. In Christianity, you can see that in the garden of eden, it was the man that was cursed to spend his sweat before finding food. He was to till the soil and be pierced by thorns in the Field. Here, we see that working to earn a living is made a man’s thing. Still in the same scene, the woman is relegated to the tasks of child birthing, raising her home and tending it. As such, many people use this view in their regard of women.

2. Women Are Naturally Less Suited For Struggle

We have seen in many instances and from facts that women are built naturally less sturdy than the men. From studies in biology, it is a fact that girls have far lesser bones than the boys even those of same age. In fact younger boys even have more bones and accumulate more masses than older girls. With this, in terms of exerting power and force for some tasks, you see that the boys have an upper hand naturally. Some religious people do even joke that a woman was made of a singular rib bone of a man. Imagine the comparison!

3. Women Have Their Lives Tied To Men

I am well aware that a lot of us would want to debate this proposition. Still, to a significant extent, the girls sometimes do not really have a life of their own. Once they are of age, they get attached to a man and then begin another life. A man can plan out his life, marking out the things he wishes to do for himself, when he will get married and all. In contrast, a woman only has the power to reject or accept a man when he comes. Yet, the time when the man comes is totally not hers to decide whereas a man can pin down at what point he will approach a lady. For this reason, a woman is not expected to do much than prepare and wait. Her life’s path to a large extent will be influenced and determined by her marriage decisions. Concurrently, a girl on getting married in some societies will have to drop and forgo her maiden name. She disowns her fathers name to take up another man’s name. This is a critical point influencing parent’s views and opinions.

4. Domestic Duties And Keeping Of The Home Usually Confine The Women

Though the debate will still rage on, the responsibility of tending the home, rearing and raising the family lies more on the girl child than the boys. Even if we try to share every other duties, that of conception, delivery and nursing babies in the home cannot be delegated to the man. It is a woman’s tasks. Of all tasks, this particular task is so much demanding in attention and time.

For this reason, the woman has little extra time to pursue other stuff. In the light of the above reasons, it is not difficult to see why the girl child is not entrusted with as much responsibilities and expectations as the male folk.

Not as though she is despised or unloved but because she does not have the capabilities (physically but not mentally) to handle them as good as the male folk do.

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