Why Is There An Obsession With Male Children?

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The sex a child comes with is received with different reactions by parents. At the same time, there are parents who are indifferent about what sex a child has.

Interestingly, there are climes where one sex is held in much higher esteem and regard than others. For instance, in traditional African societies, there is higher prominence given to male children than females.

Certainly, this belief system must have stemmed from somewhere. Mostly, some religious practices and laws have greatly promoted this bias against the girl child and increased the prominence of the male child. Is there really why people prefer the boy child? Why do people go through so much stress in search of male children? Christianity as a religion has certainly had some influence on this. Still, African traditional religious systems, Islamic religion and others, hold women in some lower class.

There has been many reasons advanced for this practice. Some are mere sentiments while other have a little credibility in them. Reasons Male Children Appear to be more desired than girl child

1. Boys Preserve Their Family Names

Insignificant you may call this, but not for some, this is a sacred thing. We all know that most times, when a girl child grows up and gets married, she will forgo her maiden name to take up that of her spouse. Whereas, a boy child will maintain the family name till death. On very rare occasions do the male child change his name. This holds a lot of significance to some persons.

2. They Act As Figures And Representatives Of The Family

Whenever representatives are sort, the first attention goes to the men. Men as seen as symbols of authority and power. They serve as figure heads in all sectors. Many political constitutions give men higher representation than women. So, generally men assume higher status than women.

3. They are less complicated

Imagine no menstrual traumas or pains, upsets and psychological malfunctioning. No special needs for sanitary items. Even ladies skin tend to be more sensitive than men. A whole lot of complications. The mere frequency of their mood swings is a course of worry. You would not even want to think about the throes and trials of pregnancy and child birth. Women are way too complicated.

So, many parents feel it is easier to just raise a male child. They require less attention Still drawing from the penultimate point, the requirements for care of a girl child is way higher than that of a boy child. The boys tend to be more hardy. The boys are better equipped to face the forces that attack them. Once would easily allow a boy child to step out in odd hours than the girls. Boys could be sent on distant errands than girls. The reason for this is quite obvious.

The natural disposition of the girls make them weaker and more vulnerable than the boys. You have carefully follow up the girl child to keep her safe from the lurking dangers of treacherous individuals. However, this is not to say that the boy child is safe or is under no threats, only that he faces less abuse and is of little advantage than the females. In many instances, though it has greatly reduced in recent years, the man goes about marrying a collection of women so they can give him male children.

Quite unfortunate is the fact that many men fail to understand that the ability or tendency to birth male children lies with the man naturally and biologically. If you don’t understand this, you can make little research.

Even though there are some perceived advantage that the male sex have over the female, this does not negate the importance and roles of the girl child. Roles which if delegated to the males would not be executed as effectively as the girl child does. Everyone has their place and their purpose.

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