The Struggle Of Wanting A particular Child Gender

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The volume of issue we have in marriages today are simply too numerous to mention. There seem to an unending chain of problematic issues ranging from one to another. All of different magnitudes.

The issue of child bearing is a major catalyst of friction and discord between lovers. There are couples who have not been able to get any issue even after many years of trying .Also, there are other ones who have experienced series of miscarriages.

In some cases the couple fall victims of high infant mortality. Still on this list are those who have had a particular set of children being of one sex. It is quite true that human wants are insatiable. For those couples who have been blessed with all male children, they will begin to long for and pressurize their partners for a female child. If it happens that all the children are male, the couple will try all their individual best to produce a female child. It seems men are more desirous of male children while women are inclined to having female children.

In the aspect of child bearing, the number of complications that abound is just disturbing. It becomes even worrisome that even when a couple had agreed on a particular number of children to birth, they go against their earlier decision. In a quest to have a child of certain sex, they keep trying and going past the number of children that they can comfortably cater for. This is done at times simply to please one partner and allow peace to reign.

Why Do People Desire Babies With A Particular Sex?

1. Satisfy Their Fantasies

Quite strangely, a good number of persons who desire a child of a particular sex do so for no concrete reasons. They have no real basis for their preference aside from some shallow fantasies. They will simply tell you “I just want a girl child, I just want a boy child”. These parents have already created an image of an ideal child in their head as such, none other will suit them.

2. To Feel Complete And Balance

The need to have a feeling and taste of everything is in every human being. Since the world is made of male and females, naturally, parent would want to have male and female children. In our society where people are castigated for any minor issue, some people get so concerned and conscious of this. Also, people feel not getting both gender is a deficiency.

3. To align with societal norms and stereotypes

Society has given a lot of false definition to things. “You are not a woman if you don’t have female kids”. “You are not a man if you don’t produce male kids’. These and many other stereotypes advanced by the society has influenced a lot of couples in their child bearing.

In some societies, not having male children means you cannot take up certain positions and titles. Some societies hold that a woman without female children is setting herself up for loneliness and neglect once she is old as the male kids will all desert her and follow their wives.

In our present state of economic and social advancement, it is wise that we should reconsider a whole lot of things. It is rather illogical to run after a child with a particular sex and bypass the reasonable number of kids we should have. There are no deficiencies associated with a particular sex nor are there special features and advantages peculiar to a certain child because of the sex.

The natural disposition of things places every human being on the same level. Assigning roles and allotting potentials equally. We all need to restructure our perspectives and begin to see that all children are blessings despite the gender.

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