When Does Breakup Become The Best Option In A Relationship?

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In as much as there are cogent reasons why break up happens. Still, it is not advisable to hastily and rashly sue for a break up at the first or slightest infraction.

However, there are shortcomings that are not to be tolerated or overlooked. When things get completely irredeemable, one should start looking for the exit. In what situations can you concretely move to terminate your union?

  1. In Instances Of Abuse

This is a complete no no. No way should anyone try to accommodate or endure this. As it has started in the relationship, eventually it will proceed into marriage. No one should settle for this. It’s better you let things off for who ever is the culprit to go and get his or her acts right. Physical abuse, verbal abuse or emotional abuse should be viewed in very disdainful light. In these cases, breaking up might be the most logical thing to do.

2. In Cases Of Chronic And Perpetual

Misbehaviours Constantly staying out late, doing alcohol, abandoning chores, throwing tantrums and a whole lot of negative expressions should be highly frowned at and rejected. Some of these habits are extremely hard to break and do not go away easily. As such forth coming, if you discover that your partner posses a particular deleterious trait which is a threat to you, you don’t have much reason to hold on to such.

3. When Core Values Are Lacking

A man is to care for and love his lady, a lady is to respect and summit to her man. Aside from this, there is need for attention, comfort, trust, communication and kindness between partners. A man needs to show maturity and responsibility. A lady needs to be understanding and empathic. These listed features are simply too vital to be overlooked. There cannot be a functional relationship without these character traits. As such, it is pointless to remain in a relationship where there is huge deficiencies in reference to these.

4. When Improvements Are Not Forthcoming

It is quite disheartening to even think about this right now. After the lady or the man has decided to be a more hopeful and positive in hope for improvement on the part of the partner in one area or the other yet, this change does not seem likely to happen, great frustration can set in. A refusal to do better or improve can be so annoying and hurting. Thus, with the hopelessness and frustration it becomes a viable option to shift from this kind of toxic and depressing relationship.

Hope is a good thing. Optimism and positivism are admirable characters. Still, we must not close our eyes and heart against reality. There are things we cannot simply ignore no matter how much we try. Though, in truth, moving away from someone who meant something to you and who you thought you had something in common with, is quite difficult. Still, rather than languish in hurt and continuous frustration and dissatisfaction, you can shake things up and move on. Fortunately it’s an unofficial union. At least it did not get to the point of marriage. People usually say that it is better to fail in a relationship than to fail in marriage.

Therefore, if your analysis reveals that the union does not hold much for you and rather it is draining and exhausting, you might need to start drawing back. You should not let the time invested or what popular opinion would suggest influence your decision because at the end, it is you who is going to bear the brunt of a distorted and toxic union.

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