4 Things That Could Trigger Breakup Amongst Couples

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Generally, no one loves to see a good thing go bad. We all like happy endings where there is a win win situations for all parties involved. Having the positive hormones trickle down our systems can be ecstatic which is why most people go on wild, desperate chases hoping to catch up with happiness from one direction to another.

In all honesty, life is rarely all rosy and fun as we would have wanted it to be. This is reality. It is not all the fancy things that turn out well. It is not all the amazing couples that end up together. It is not all wishes that turn out real. Though we may try to conceal the truth, the fact is that a good number of persons who go into relationships do not settle together.

The statistics of break ups in recent times is mind blowing. Further analysis, we can conclude that it is better to breakup than to get divorced later, hence the saying, a broken Relationship is better than a broken marriage.

What Is Breakup?

I initially thought of skipping this part because the rate at which people including children get into relationships is rather very high. Still, so we can still do justice, we are going to try to explain this term in the simplest possible way.

Breakup is a situation whereby two individuals who were initially together in any kind of relationship cease from being in such a relationship any more thereby parting and going separate ways.

How Does Break Up Happen?

Break up do occur when the parties in a relationship no longer feel the need to be together anymore. Sometimes it starts with some form of distancing of self from the other physically and emotionally. Other times, there can be an outright expression of frustration and a desire to quit by a partner.

However, the tone and manner in which this is done is solely dependent in the level of maturity and self control of the individuals. A break up scene can be such a rowdy affair while in some other instances, it can be a simple, cordial and civil display.

What Are Those Things That Lead To Breakup?

Break up does not just happen. There are triggers and facilitators that increase the probability of a relationship ending. Join me as we consider some of them below.

1. Incompatibility

You may want to ask if they did not consider this before they got together. Well, I am in no position to give a satisfactory answer to this. However, there are many couples who started so well only to discover subsequently that what they thought was a perfect fit was a mere fiction. Were so much ground of disparity exists between the parties, it is almost given that such a union will eventually be dissolved.

2. Insincerity

Nothing much can be achieved in an atmosphere of lies and distrust. Having to continuously look over your shoulder and watch your back is not a position any one would want to be put in. If this is what is prevailing in a relationship, then the end is near. If you continually find out what your partner said to you was far from the truth and was an attempt at deception, your mind can be totally turn off from such a person.

3. Insensitivity

If everything seem forced, the emotions are not free flowing and the communication is being stifled, there is a serious problem. If the partner become insensitive and unresponsive towards one another, a huge vacuum will be created, emotionally and otherwise. This vacuum if not immediately addressed will expand into a great divide that will gradually yet efficient sever the bonds between the partners till everything goes away finally.

4. Disloyalty

Regard, respect, commitment and love are key indices of loyalty. These are not supposed to be lacking in any significant way. The necessity of these ingredients of loyalty is just to pronounced. As such, if there is a breach in the existence of loyalty in a relationship, doom is fast approaching. Sooner or later such a union will collapse.

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