9 Insightful Tips That Can Help You Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Before my graduation from the University, I used to be very poor at public speaking, afraid of giving speeches and very rarely spoke in class, I barely end into people’s eyes because I was afraid of making direct eye contact and this went on for a good number of years. it was so bad I could not even do anything that’s self promotional, but here I am , curious about this topic as much as I want to improve myself. I struggled with public speaking for years and I believe alot of successful people had experienced same.

At a time I wasn’t bordered about it, so I thought in my head , you’re either born a public speaker or you’re simply not. So one day, something interesting happened. we had a new lecturer, and all of a sudden I heard a voice in my direction, Hey, can you please rise up and introduce yourself? She had put me on the spot immediately, I found myself in this foreign land with all eyes starring at me. how would you feel if this happened to you? My heart started racing with a voice saying “why me? I can’t, my mind went blank, I mean, I couldn’t introduce myself, I kept quiet, that was the first day I got overwhelmed with the fear of public speaking.

I was devastated, after school that day I decided that it was enough. I started looking for solutions. I began my search with Google on how to overcome the fear of public speaking, some of the links gave me the advantages of becoming a public speaker, great leader and so on, share ideas with people around you, talk infront of a mirror, I was amazed because I never knew it’s something I could develop on my own as I always thought you’re either born with it or not, I simply realised how wrong I was. It was then I realized it’s a teachable skill. so I started implementing what I learned. Talked in front of the mirror, sharing ideas with friends which they would tell me where I was wrong.

In my final year, I was given a seminar topic to present before my lecturers and ofcourse the students, and the voice came again, “you can’t do this” this time, I took a deep breath, said to myself, it’s never as scary as it seem. I started my research. wouldn’t say I wasn’t afraid, I was, but I pushed myself. I realized I was getting better and don’t have to even memorize my words for the presentation.

Often times, people feel Like they have reached a point in their lives where they are comfortable and don’t need to grow in anyway. They fail to understand that transformation and self- improvement is a never ending process that can either be fostered or ignored.

However, if you don’t make out time to grow or learn, your life will be stagnant and this is caused by not being able to step out of your comfort zone. Though It will seem scary at first, but you need to challenge yourself, take it one step at a time even when there is no assurance or guarantee that your efforts will result in success. It’s always better to try than concede defeat before the battle.

Previously, we looked at the Dangers of remaining in the confines our comfort zones. So you there, what is that thing still holding you back? I see life as a constant fight against your comfort zone. you push it because it keeps pushing back. what are you saying or doing because it’s your comfort zone? Are you scared of entering a new relationship because you don’t want to be hurt again or is it your job, you’re afraid you may not find another job? Or starting a new career? Could it be fear of public speaking just like me before? Whatever it is ,I encourage you to try it because as I found, I think you will too, Below are tips to help you overcome your comfort zone.

1. Identify Your Fears

Once you can identify those things that hold you back or might put you in danger of not achieving your goals, accept them for what they are. not letting them rule your life and bringing them to light, keep in mind that these might make you feel uncomfortable, have, you don’t need to be afraid. That’s the whole idea, the more you keep them the more danger you cause yourself, you may feel frustrated, angry, anxious, impatient, do yourself a favour and dismiss these feelings, for example, if you ‘re in the habit of going to work late and you feel very uncomfortable and frustrated, if you you think deep, you may discover that this is as a result of either waking up late of getting trapped by traffic, then you can adjust.

2. Embrace The Uncertainty

This means you should allow yourself to start new with all sort of expectations, negative or positive with assurance that it will result in success. be courageous to face discomforts for your growth. Uncertainty is always inevitable yet, it can be beautiful. Get prepared for the worst but expect the best, whatever happens, be it good or bad, don’t think about the worst that can happen rather the best you could get out of any situation. So, be open and ready to learn new things.

3. Change Your Routine

Changing your routine doesn’t require much work rather Willingness and desire to be more productive, Accordingly, deviate from your familiar routines, break out and create space for new ideas. start all over and get used to the unfamiliar by trying new things by making mistakes, if watching TV is your hobby, you could replace it by reading from books, do something outside of your regular routines.

4. Try Something New

Having a new experience comes with lots of benefits. What’s holding you back from trying something new? Be creative, step out and this will boost your confidence. you will see yourself appreciating your little efforts and little achievements. it’s normal to fail, so, you don’t need to be afraid and this shouldn’t stop you, stepping out of your comfort zone requires trying new things.

5. Face Your Fears

Sometime all we need to overcome fear is confidence. I want you to know that if you don’t do it for yourself nobody will, are your fears causing you a less fulfilling life than the one you hoped for? If you’ve been able to identify your fears, it’s time to face them head- on, Accept that things aren’t working as plan,it’s in your scariest moments that you can find great skills you never knew you had. Thus, be brave to conquer that fear, by doing those things you fear over and over again.

6. Believe In Yourself

Your belief is the most powerful tool you have, believing in yourself means understanding your capabilities, knowing you can do something without any self doubts, when you have the ability to take action in order to achieve success , Embrace who you are , believe in your worth and potential, believe in your dreams that they are valid and see your life changed. Take time to think about who you are and what you believe in.

7. Build Strong Conviction

The idea that you need to have a sense of purpose, you need to embrace and find what’s best for you, figure out what you can do, be convinced that taking action will lead to the success of leaving your comfort zone.

8. Get Used To Being Uncomfortable

When presented with two options to choose from, always go for the one that’s uncomfortable. break patterns, do something different by getting used to it, be willing to face discomfort situations for your growth, being uncomfortable means pushing yourself past your comfort zone, embracing those failures, making mistakes and learning from them, the more mistakes you make ,the smarter you become and the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

9. Be Persistent And Intentional About It

Be fully engaged in whatever goals or decision you want, they may not be any guarantee for success. However, remain committed and willing to take risk, your ability to persist is the quality for success in life. If you persist you’ll definitely succeed, don’t quit untill you succeed. I hope these ideas inspires you to breakout of your comfort zone.

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