8 Possible Ways To Get Her To Like You

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In our world, it is a very normal thing for a man to want to get a lady for himself. I would better put it that it is a natural, inborn

A man getting rebuffed on a quest to woo a lady is not strange thing to us. Regularly, a guy’s advances is met with so much resistance and all his efforts are trampled under feet.

Though a very sorry and sad turn of events, it usually happens. No matter how it is analyzed, the blame usually go to the man. It is generally agreed that is it the man who is in position to endure that he gets the outcome so he desires.

Thus, it is more of a man’s duties to impress the lady enough to get her liking or probably loving him and wanting to have him in her life. Most times, it is the man that makes the move and he has to calculate his move carefully and tactfully so he doesn’t take the wrong steps.

So what can a man really do to have a girl longing to be with him, to spend her time and her life with him? Let us look at some interesting things and man can do to ensure that the lady becomes his own.

Though there are no assurances about some things, but practically, there are things that have been proven to work. There are common ways of wooing a lady successfully. Meanwhile, it is important that we all note that getting a lady is not solely at the point where we ask her out. It all begins from the first moment you begin to notice or talk to her. So, what are the things you can do to land a lady?

1. Be Nice And Sensitive

No one, even a man would want to talk to a rude and lousy perons, talk less of a lady. Ladies desire men that are cool to be with. They want to know that the man they are dealing with is reasonable, kind and rational. This will give them the ease to be able to share things with you. So, you need to appear, look and be nice and courteous to the lady you like. You also need to be responsive to her uniqueness as a lady. These will endear her to you.

2. Be A Good Listener

You want a lady to fall for you? Give her your attention. Let her know you have her time. Listen to the details of what She’s telling you. Avoid being distracted in any form. Ladies notice reactions and responses, if She feels you are not paying attention to her, she will feel ignored.

3. Be A Generous Giver

Do you know that even rich, independent ladies still want to be pampered by a man? They want you to still spend on her even though she has her own. They want to see how generous you are with your money. Ladies tend to equate love with gifts. So, if you are hoping to get her agreeing to be with you, you have to show her that you are willing to take care of her and are read.

4. Be Intentional With Genuine Interest

Ladies have a way of decoding what your intention and purpose are. Though some may want to act naive and ignorant, they usually know what a guy is coming for. So, no matter what your real aim is, which should be good anyway, you need to show the lady that you genuinely care about her and want to be with her. There are ladies who would settle for a fling anyway, but real ladies will require real men.

5. Be Bold, Confident And Assertive

You are actually killing your chances being all jittery and unstable with a lady. If you want her, no matter how shy you may be, you need to find the courage to approach her. Even though you are not able to spoil her with wonderful eulogy or sweet lines, just approaching her is a great step. Let her know that you know what you want and that you have a mission.

6. Let Her Know You Have Plans For The Future

Wise ladies do not only see how well you are to do at the moment. They assess you from your plans, from the way you talk, from your willingness to grow yourself and decide if they should go along with you or not. Also, if you can let her see her place in your life, the prospects you have and the potentials for advancement, these will be positive markers of how she respond to you.

7. Avoid Faking Reality And Acting

Men are egoistic creatures. Anything that will pump their ego and make them feel good about themselves, they will readily do them. This is a common reason why men fake their lives to a lady. The try to assume a personality far different from who they truly are just to attract a lady. A large chunk of fabricated stories are spilled out coupled with a lot of acting up. This strategy usually backfires a lot of the time. If at all you are able to get her attention with deceit, you cannot keep it for long. Sadly too, if she is wise enough, she will do her background check and you know what that will mean for you if you were cooking up stories.

8. Do Not Be Too Forward

It is not a smart move to want to overwhelm a lady all of a sudden. She might get swamped with thoughts and startled by the speed of things and balk. This way, even when our good intentions, we may spoil things for ourselves. Whether it is a relationship we want, a life partner or bed partner, it is better to go slow. Though it may happen that even after the man has put in a lot and done as much as he should, he still gets rejected.

In these cases, we leave it for what ever forces are responsible. However, this will happen on few occasions.

Generally, if a man does what he should, there is a rather high chance that he will be rewarded with that golden “yes” when he finally pops the question. So instead of doubts or fear of the unknown, move in and begin to toss that lady you have been eyeing all these time. Try out the tips given above and very probably, you will hit the jackpot.

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