5 Negative Things That Could Be Happening To You While Relaxing In Your Comfort Zone

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As we grow older, we have opportunities to change our lives, improve daily, alter our routines, learn, take risk and achieve our set goals.
However, our mindset keep us trapped by fear of failure and other negative thoughts. have you ever weighed the cost of staying in your comfort zone? Or are you one of those who all you do is sit in that space to blame the government of the day for their failures with little or no effort to improve their lives. you have the choice to change what you don’t like.

Comfort zone is not really about comfort but fear. it varies from persons to persons depending on how you manage your anxiety, risk and stress. it’s sometimes the most comfortable place in someone’s life, it discourages and hinders growth, in real essence, let’s look at the meaning of comfort zone.

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, comfort Zone is a situation in which you feel very comfortable and do not have to do anything new or difficult. It is a safe place that feels very adequate, with little or no fears, no anxiety and sometimes a very familiar territory. In comfort zone, your behavior mimics patterns that minimizes stress and risk, it provides you that sense of familiarity. It is that place where your brain releases that “feel good” chemicals. Being in comfort zone does not mean you are feeling good. It is just that you are apprehensive and afraid.

Do you feel satisfied with your accomplishments in life? Are you really where you want to be? Do you feel comfortable in that space? Do you stop challenging yourself? Do you sit and watch opportunities slip by you? Are you afraid of trying out new things because of fear? Ever thought of moving from that level or achieving something better but feel reluctant doing so? These may be your comfort zone. The interesting thing about this is that you can always change from what you don’t like and improve because you have the choice to do so, though you need to work on those routines, accept things aren’t working out for you, take a decision today, move away from those things holding you back and see yourself having the happy and fulfilled life you desire.

According to Donald Walsh, “ life begins at the end of your comfort zone” this means being in a comfort zone is normal but you need to step out of it because if you don’t, you may be unfortunate to experience some of the dangers that comes with not stepping out. below are reasons why you need to step out of your comfort.

1. It Hinders Your Growth

Staying in your comfort zone is dangerous for your personal growth. If you’re not growing then you are dying. It is important that you do things everyday that leads to your growth, seek your purpose in life, be ready to take risk. Staying in your comfort zone prevents you from improving, delays your growth and stops you from achieving your goals.

2. Your Ability To Learn And Explore Is Limited

Learning is a continuous process. It organizes and restructures brain functions, it is very important to keep your brain busy and not stagnant. Learning keeps your emotional, physical and mental being active. Once a human brain is familiar with a certain thing it becomes an animated task. when this happens, the part of your brain responsible for learning inadvertently Cease to work. Staying in your comfort zone makes you unproductive, but you will expand once you’re able to step out of the confines of your comfort, take a challenge today, learn something new, try out new skills. it might fail but never get discouraged, you’ll definitely learn something from your it.

3. It keeps You From Discovering Your Passion

Passion is not discovered when you are comfortable rather when you’re afraid. this is when you will get stretched, stressed and even take some risks. stepping out of your comfort zone really helps you discover the passion you never knew you had. Comfort zone is that predictable space that won’t let you discover your passion.

4. It Makes You Settle For Less
You tend to accept anything that comes your way, this would not happen if you would decide to take the risk of stepping out to face your fears, push those boundaries and jump into different experiences that would lead you to becoming a better version of yourself instead of settling for less and being unhappy with yourself.

5. You Won’t Discover Your True Self

Taking risk helps you discover who you truly are. Your comfort zone does not allow you discover your true self. That when you experience growth and truly understand who you are. various times, you get too comfortable and forget your true self. when the future is predictable without challenges, you only understand yourself on a shallow, surface level.

However, it is important that you identify your comfort zone, take that leap, step outside it, stop Accepting life the way it is, try something new and start experiencing growth and positive change, but without discomfort, you may never discover this. I personally was fortunate to escape this and I believe you too can. I will share with you in my next article how I did it

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