4 Things That Can Possibly Go Wrong During Public Proposals

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Taking into account the rapidly rising trend of men proposing in public spaces, it is necessary to weigh the possible outcomes of this. Are there any negative fall outs that could come out from this? We can all agree that there are usually two sides to a thing, the positive and the negative, Some of us have seen how men get rebuffed and embarrassed in an attempt to publicly propose to a lady.

Certainly, no man would love to experience this. I actually doubt after a man has had this experience, he would be able to ever attempt it again. How bad can public proposals go wrong? There are a whole lot of ways in which this act of engaging a lady in public can turn sideways. We are going to highlight some of them.

Most prominently, the worst and most ridiculous one is the lady turning down the man’s moves. This is a rather huge magnitude of embarrassment. I can only imagine how deeply hurt such a man can be. His ego and self-image will be greatly crushed and demoralized. This is a total disaster and should not be endured by anyone.

In some other instances, very unfortunately something mysterious can happen to the ring. It get’s very confusing how the ring gets missing. How can the main object of the event be missing? Well, that is a question for you and myself to answer. As unexplainable as this may be, it usually happens. I am so hoping this doesn’t befall any of us.

Quite awfully, in the situation where ring is put in drink or food, the lady swallows the ring. What a sorry incidence this can be. As it is, I don’t believe you still need to be told you need to be more careful when we are planning a public proposal. Safety precautions should be of utmost importance. Remember safety first.

The Party goes Sour At other times, the whole party plan and method of presenting the question can be so poorly executed that it spoils all the fun and suppresses all the positive energy. Just imagine some clumsy artwork or the microphone getting faulty as the guy is trying to speak. Picture a situation where the ring falls off or the “will you marry me” T-shirt or art papers are wrongly spelt and designed. Some of us have witnessed this happen before. So as we can see, these and many more negatives can come out of open proposal. What we need to look at now is why these things happen. Why do public proposals go wrong?

Assuming the lady is interested without having some concrete stance. In many instances, we watch as the beautiful Lady simply shakes her head, mutters a “no” and then walks away from the guy on his knees. What a shame! From keen analysis, it is a failure to advertain some variables that leads to this reality. When man hastily assumes that the lady he has been with is head over heels for him and without careful assessment, goes ahead to propose, such a man is inviting disappointment on himself.

  1. The Scene Of The Proposal

It also happens, that the scenery of the proposal can be totally absurd so much that the lady cannot simply stand such and declines. I have earlier mentioned a situation where a man proposed in an open market. I may not know his reasons, but the environment seems quite off and weird.

2. An Overwhelming Or Distasteful Audience Additionally, the kind of audience and onlookers may be such that the lady cannot face. Maybe the number of persons present is just too large and overwhelms the lady. At other times, there may be present, members of the audience that she is not quite familiar with or those she dispise. This may cause her to reject such engagement.

3. Lack Of Proper Planning And Preparation

At least we have aspects of this which we can control. Many public proposals go a whirl because we fail to put some critical issues into consideration. Maybe the man refuses to pay attention to the lady’s preferences Or he ignores and overlooks some vital points. Things like, where the proposal will take place, how the ring will be presented, how much crowd is expected and so on, should be given due attention

4. Circumstances beyond control

Well, we cannot really ignore mysteries because they do occur. There are times we simply cannot advance an explanation for the things that happens. How does a car jump over the drainage channels into someone’s house? How does the ring get missing, swallowed or stuck? How does a lady who have been with me for years, showing me love and supporting me, say no to me? These mysteries can simply be allowed to remain mysteries. So my good people, as we wish to have a public proposal, we have to carefully weigh the possible pros and cons that come with it. We need to carefully assess all the variables associated with public proposal before we launch into it.

Obviously, no one would wish for disgraceful circumstance. Thus, it is very wise that we put ourselves and our house in order before embarking on a public proposal.

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