The Trend Of Public Proposal Amidst It’s Dicey Nature

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Marriage which has existed as old as man himself is such a grand subject in many respects. Periodically innovate are brought into one aspect or another. Slowly yet gradually, there is increased popularity of the aspect asking a lady’s hand in marriage which is the proposal.

Quite recently, the idea of asking a lady to marry you while in the presence of an unsolicited audience is becoming a common practice. If You are one that frequently patronize eateries, parks or restaurants, you may have witnessed this. If you are yet to, needless to worry, you will soon witness one.

However, there are countless video clips of couples getting engaged that have saturated the public space especially the social media. Quite frequently you see viral videos of one popular celebrity or another proposing or being proposed to.

Presently, it is not just a celebrity thing, A whole lot of partners now perform this public demonstration while a good number are equally warming up for their own time. What is this splashy trend all about?

How is public proposals and engagement done? Why is it that many people are opting for this and jumping on this trend? What is making it so popular? A good number of persons have pondered these same questions over the years. So, let us looks at the possible answers to these queries.

How are Public proposals done?

From the information gathered in videos and personal experiences, many people would first consider the choice of venue for the proposal to take place. For most people, a beautiful decorated eatery, restaurant or other fancy public locations are most preferred. Though recently I saw a video of a guy proposing in the market and being badly turned down (I will resist the urge to talk more on this for the sake of this article), this venue is rarely used.

As stated earlier, the first choice for proposals is some place fancy and exquisite. Once this is set, they go into planning how the whole process will go. Some persons love to carry some of their friends along to witness it and even play parts in it. Others just go solo with maybe the restaurant or eatery staff being aware of their intentions.

Since it is meant to be a memorable and dramatic event, some really interesting method of producing the ring is employed. Some guys put it in the drink, some put it in a burger for the girl, some put it in their plate of food, so many ways are employed. It is necessary to state here that you have to be very mindful of the method you choose to present the ring if you are planning this in view of possible health and safety concerns.

At other times, the man may just directly bring out the ring and present it. He may go head to pop the question or he may organize some crafty means of presenting the question to the lady and allow the next line of events to probability or plan ( these days, partners fake or should I say stage proposals.

Everything is agreed and planned while the real act is simply a script played out). You sure know what comes after if the outcome is positive which is usually the case in most instances. A lot of celebration, eating and feasting and so much pictures and videos (the most important part). Why all these stress for ordinary proposal and engagement? Why the fanfare and publicity? A whole lot of reasons have been advanced for this practice. We’ll take a look at some of them.

Why do people prefer public proposals? Though the real basis for this innovation of public engagements might all sum up to fantasies, many people still subscribe to it and are very enthusiastic about it. What are their reasons?

1. To Impress And Thrill The Lady

Some men are of the opinion that asking a Lady to marry you should be in way that fits with the desire and fancies of the lady. That you should be able to wow her and soothe her emotions. Giving her butterflies and causing blushes all over her, make some men go for public proposal.

2. To Make It Colourful And Memorable

There are some men who love artistry. They admire beautiful, colorful stuff, so they sue to have really amazing engagement. Thus, they take time to plan and execute a public proposal in some really artful ways. In this way, many feel the memory will be kept alive for a long time.

3. To Make It Popular And Trendy

Though seemingly shallow and weird, there are people who wish for and conduct public proposal simply because they want their proposal to be very popular. Since it is what’s in vogue at the moment, partners want to key into the trending thing. These people may not have a real reason of their own but are simply following the crowd.

4. To Meet The Lady’s Desire And Demand

This might seem a bit odd to some of us, there are times when men simply perform public engagements because it is what their ladies desire and ask for. Therefore, to respect the lady’s wishes or to comply to her demand, the man will just go for a public proposal. We can all agree to the persuasive power a woman has.

5. To Corner The Lady And Force Her To Accept

How does this idea sit with you? I am certain a lot of people will find this appalling. A great degree of weird things happen these days. “Why should a man try to trick a lady into marrying him”, you many ask. In some really desperate times, a man may make the move to try to con his intended spouse to give her affirmation. So it is a rather viable option to take her to a rather public place and ask her the million dollar question. That way, his chances of getting a yes is much higher.

6. To Simply Have Fun

In all, a man may simply want to have his proposal in the open in full view of passersby and onlookers just for fun. We all have our idea of what fun is. So this may also be a fun thing to those doing it.

Interestingly, we will never run out of ideas or innovations. We humans have the innate abilities to conjure up strategies and plans. Though people sometimes have some very illogical reasons for making public proposals, there are yet some really cogent and strong reasons for it.

However, it all comes down to personal liking, perspective and inclination. Though for me, no need waiting to see my video flooding the social media space, I love to be discrete about these kinds of things (maybe I am a very shy person). Catch you later.

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