6 Things I Have Learned From Working In A One Man Business

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I was previously a banker in one of Nigeria’s leading banks until I got frustrated and left about a year ago. Honestly bank work is a scam finally, when I package with my suit people think I am doing well but in reality nothing dey my pocket. Moved to a smaller organisation that offered me 2 times my salary in the bank, and here are my observations so far:

1. Learn How To Do Eye Service: Always try impress the company owner. Initially I had no idea of this because I was coming from a more structured organisation but with time it has become a way of life to me.

2. There Is Nothing Like Job Function And Delegation: In a one man business, do everything you possibly can. Even if you are assigned to an administrative office you should also try to get involved in sales and marketing. This is the only way you can earn the respect of the boss.

3. Be ready to deal with the different moods of the boss: Today he can be happy and all, while tomorrow he can loose it and snap at your slightest mistake. Don’t take it personal just move on.

4. Work Smart Not Hard: always try to focus your energy on things that the boss would easily notice.

5. Don’t Be A Peoples Person In The Office: Always remember that the only person that matters is the boss. Avoid unnecessary side talks and gossips.

6. Lastly Know When Its Time To Move On: There is limit to the level you can attain in a smaller organisation. Make sure you are making contacts and plotting your next move during your time there. In fact, the owner can wake up tomorrow and decide to close the company, so shine your eyes.

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