6 Reasons Why You Need To Hear Her Say “YES” From The Start

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If you have any idea of legal issues, you must have known by now that everything matters. Haven’t you heard of a case being turned on it’s head simply because a singular word was wrongly used or spelt? This is the power of explicitness. In this world nothing should be taken for granted. Like every details should be clearly stated. To their sorry detriment, men usually take the risk of assuming that a lady is already in for a relationship or has accepted him as a partner. Well, since the job of searching has been placed on the men, initializing a relationship thus rest on a man too.

I am aware that there is that tendency for two people to get into relationship without any well defined agreement or terms. It happens from time to time. However, this is not very wise. Sometimes, because the two guys have been together for a long time, done a lot of things together, probably become intimate physically and otherwise, they begin to see themselves as a couple. This wouldn’t have been an issue if there were no negative outgrowths from this seemingly harmless act. Yes I call it seemingly because some who do it do not realise how much trouble they may be keeping in stock for themselves.

There are many demerits that may arise from two lovers not having a concrete agreement about their union. This will be discussed in another article but for now, let us consider why it is necessary for a man to actually ask for a lady’s affirmation before beginning to feel like a couple with her.

Reasons you should ask a lady for an outright agreement to date or marry you, It is possible that some men did not know or does not realise how pertinent it is to literally ask an obtain a woman’s response to their proposition of a relationship or marriage. So let us give you some viable reason why you should.

1. It Makes You Sure And Potentially See A Future Together.

A state of uncertainty and instability is as bad as insanity. When you don’t know what is up and what is at stake, it can make you so unstable and shaky. Having to keep entertaining doubts whether something is or not is not a healthy condition both mentally and otherwise. Thus, to ease one’s mind and equally resolve some mysteries, it is wise for a man to ask for affirmation from the lady he wishes to be with. Expressing love and channelling effort toward her without having an agreement is a very risky state. In cases where questions of there being a union exist between two of you arises, you may be found wanting.

2. It Gives You A Reference Point.

In all things, having a background and a foundation is very necessary. Being able to have something to hold on to in a relationship is very advisable. Though not being pessimistic, issues may arise that need you to refer to the point at which a contract was put in place. At such time, you have less stress if you had gotten her to give her acceptance in clear terms. You can easily point back to it as a source of authority.

3. It Helps To Define The Timeline.

I have seen a few partner who cannot tell exactly when they got together. All they will say is when they became close and when they knew each other, though when a relationship was instituted is not clear. This is not wise as it gives vagueness to the relationship. In this kind of situation, one cannot say for certain when they became partners, how long they have been together, how far they have gone and what the plan is or should be. Having a timeline of events is very necessary and this timeline should start or include when an agreement to be together was made.

4. It Shows Respect And Regard.

One aspect that men ignore is displaying their respect to their women. Some men think it is demeaning to show respect and regard to their women. Interestingly, some men don’t even know that asking and getting direct consent is a sign of value to the lady. By seeking her consent and agreement to be with you, you show her primarily and others that you hold her and her opinion in high esteem. It is a pointer to the fact that you care about what she thinks and that she matters to you. Being sensitive enough to ask her out officially is a great sign of respect and regard.

5. It Indicates How Serious And Intentional You Are.

At times, it is very difficult to ascertain what the purpose of a relationship is and what direction it is heading by the actions of the partners especially the men. Without clear definitions and actions, there is bound to be a loss of focus and misdirection. Asking her out proves your desire to be with her and shows your willingness to do what it takes to keep her. It shows you know what you want and that you have clear intentions about it.

6. It encourages commitment

When a contract is formalized and an agreement is made, it gives the parties a working document and a roadmap for action. Here, the parties are fully informed of what is involved and have ideas of what roles they are to perform. As such, asking a lady for her willingness to join up with you and getting her to agree is a form of contract. So, since you were willing to present this contract to her, you will be highly obligated to honor and fulfil the conditions of the contract. Even when you might wish to falter, reminder that it was you who initiated the relationship will put you back in order.

Generally, the need to get a direct and have a formal agreement before stepping into a relationship is beneficial for both the man and the lady. With this, there is no chance of one using this oversight as a tool to humiliate, cheat or act in any insensitive way. So, instead of risking assumptions, it is wise to have everything well sorted out as it should be. A whole lot of benefits come with doing this. So define it, be firm, intentional and clear about what you want and how you want it.

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