Negative Thoughts And It’s Impact On Our Actions

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I am certain that not one of us can say for sure that at one point or the other, we have not entertained negative thoughts. The mere fact that we live in a very unstable and trying world is a guarantee that we will contemplate negative thoughts once in a while.
Truly, we cannot totally escape the net of negative thoughts keeping in view the abounding negativities and unfavourable conditions we find in our immediate society and the whole world at large.

In almost all spheres of life, adverse systems exist which produce detrimental influence on us. This pressure leads us to nurse defective thoughts in our minds. Our thoughts create words, words create worlds, your thoughts have incredible power to shape your life and lives of others, this is because your thoughts and interpretations of circumstances directly influence your beliefs and actions.
Having negative thoughts is not inherently a bad thing.

However, when there is a continuous presence and flow of these thoughts in someone’s mind, then there is a big cause for concern. In this kind of conditioning, one’s mind is bound to evoke some very negative tendencies and lead to an inefficient individual in one area or another.
Subsequently, these negative thoughts will metarmophose into degenerative thinking process and pattern. In the long run, negative outcomes and results will begin to precipitate out from negative thoughts, we then begin to have a lot of bad realities.

What are Negative Thoughts?
Many times we catch ourselves rolling down the slope of some thought session and we are like, “what is this that I am even thinking?”, “why am I thinking in this direction?” As earlier stated, it is natural for obvious reasons that humans have negative thought processes once in a while. What constitute a negative thought?
A negative thought is a judgmental, critical and pessimistic assessment of a situation or concept in our minds. When things are considered in light of the worse case scenarios, where we see ourselves as inept and where we expect everything to turn out for the worst, we are breeding negative thoughts. Qualifying our efforts as inadequate, unworthy and inappropriate leading to self doubts, low self-esteem and great pessimism are markers of negative thoughts.

How does negative thoughts draw in negative realities?
The popular law of attraction posits that humans are more likely to have the things they mostly think about happening to them. That, from our thoughts, forces and energies that exists in the universe instigate the contents of our thoughts to move towards us, so we begin to see manifestations of what we keep thinking about.
Well, I may not know how much this holds true, but evidently, our line of thoughts affect our outcomes. One way this happens is that our thoughts shape our perspective and mindset. If our thoughts are always negative, our opinion of people and events will also always be negative. Your thoughts affects your mood, your thoughts are a catalyst for self perpetualising cycles. We see the whole world as conspiring against us as such situations that are not inherently bad, are now viewed as tragedies and misfortune while we become completely unaware of the benefits of such a situation because of our mindset.

Another means by which negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes is that we are prone to take actions that are consistent with the way we thinking. Our actions are fashioned in alignment with the conditions of our hearts. This tendency causes us to consciously and unconsciously move in the direction of our thoughts. Therefore as our thoughts are so becomes the end products of our actions.
A third way through which our negative thoughts bring about undesirable outcomes is by connecting us with people of like minds as ourselves. The popular sayings goes that if you show me your friend I will tell you who you are. Also, a blind leading a blind will end up in a pit. In essence, since people with negative orientation will likely pair up with others of negative mindsets, their endeavors will mostly be of negative outcome.

We can cause more harm for ourselves by continuously internalizing negative thoughts. It is not just about the negative thoughts, it goes further to bring us misfortune and poor results. Accordingly, it is more beneficial to nurse positive and optimistic thoughts so we can also attract good results as your thoughts directly influences how you feel, Know your thoughts, choose your actions.

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