Iyabo Ojo And Yomi Fabiyi Shades Themselves Over Baba Ijesha Rape Case

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Nollywood filmmaker, Yomi Fabiyi has weighed in on colleague, Baba Ijesha’s case of defilement. Fabiyi stated that there is no dignity in fighting someone who is already on the floor. Yomi Fabiyi made the statement with respect to some of his colleagues who according to him, come out to cast aspersions on a fallen man because they believe nobody can do anything for them.

Recall that Iyabo Ojo made a video where she called out her colleagues who where supporting Baba Ijesha. See video here


Yomi Fabiyi realyomifabiyi wrote:

“@iyaboojofespris even when you shaded me on your malicious video I choose not to join issues with. I took it to you directly. And again, Is the igi imu between you and Baba Ijesha because that definitely can’t be me, aso to ba ri ni ara egungun mi ti egun mi loun se(I enjoy every help my God gives me).

I am too refined and careful in my life to jump into conclusions. You can come online to attack your colleague accused of such a serious crime, that is your background. If I then ask to wait and allow for full investigation or see a confession from the suspect or a leaked video before commenting, then any cultured adult should respect that and not twist my words or isolate some comments to exhibit their evil and agelong social media witch-craft .

It is a personal principle of caution acceptable anywhere in the world. Even the judge that may still rule on the case will still hear the suspect’s angle before drawing conclusion. I will never support any crime as rape and I don’t need you to patronise me on that.

I have no such record and don’t use social media to give me a bad name. I am never going to be in competition with anybody. Any suspect deserves the honour of fair hearing before I conclude how much more a colleague. Even if you have seen evidence, respect the opinion of those that haven’t seen and don’t wish to misjudge. You are not God. ••• “

Iyabo Ojo replies him, she wrote

@realyomifabiyi: “Sometimes COMMON SENSE and CAUTION are needed more irrespective of ones personality and principle to serious issues or whatever you know. I am not going to be part of a bad antecedent.

If my words come ambiguous, seek understanding before rushing to hurt your colleague online, too low and dirty. I will continue to fight for what is right and I will never condone anyone reading negative meaning or isolate my words just to give a dog a bad name and subject to cyber bullying. Gbogbo wa ni isowo ogun oh. However, we all must be united on the bigger picture and the serious issue at hand.

Focus to be hugely on the mental health of the minor and her guardians AND not to twist words or engage in needless drama of distractions. Count me out of social media or industry beef or recklessness Fair trial, protection of human rights, and justice is crucial for the public to be on the right path. Seek every protection to children and minors around you.

SAY NO TO RAPE, SAY NO TO SEXUAL HARRASMENT, SAY NO TO CHILD ABUSE. #saynotorape #saynotochildabuse #saynotosexualharrassment #sa notoc berbull in. #sa notocrime”

Yomi Fabiyi continued:

“There is NO DIGNITY fighting whoever is on the floor. The only time you see any colleague come out to cast aspersions on a falling colleague or any in crisis or on trial, is because they believe NOBODY can do anything for them, se ranti Oluwa nbe(remember God) I am an African and a vaguard of Human Rights, Fairness and Justice. And no evil plot or device can define me differently. I don’t support evil or crimes against children and women But I always activate my common sense and conscience in all matters.”


“realyomifabiyi I know we have settled this on WhatsApp but since you posted it on your ig page shading me indirectly lets kuku drag ourselves here because i have been getting alot of tags from this your post, do you want us to drag it here on ig too? because it can’t be me you are referring to as to low & dirty, ko le je iyabo temi lailai, iwo ati tani yomi, moreover which colleague is been hurt online is it you or Baba ijesha?

Yomi, If you want to fight for what is right go to panti police station & seek the truth or call princess @realyomifabiyi I’m the wrongest person you will want to go down this lane with to ri pe igi inu o ji na si on o yomi if a dog has a bad name I will give it a bad name with my full chest, e ma je ki ama pon bebe la kisa, yomi be guided.”

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