7 Random Yet, Awesomely Romantic Gifts You Can Give Your Would-be Spouse On Your Wedding Day

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Gifting your would-be spouse a gift on your wedding day wasn’t really much of a thing until it was introduced a few decades ago. For most couples, they waited till the entire wedding ceremony was over before they thought to give their spouse some special gift; that’s, if they ever thought of it at all or, in most cases, they just went on with their lives like nothing happened. However, spicing up your pre-wedding momemts could actually turn to a romantic set-up if the intending couples come up with ideas on how to go about it. Things don’t necessarily have to be done the usual way so, creative ideas on what to get your spouse should be maximised.

Thinking of random but, romantic gifts you can gift your spouse before the wedding ceremony kicks off? Then, you need to read this:

  1. A Written Note.
    Words, especially the ones written from the heart, have a special way of putting a cute smile on your would-be spouse’s face. Imagine him/her getting dressed for the big day and, a well crafted note kept in an envelop is handed in. The rest of the day will be all shades of romantic.
  2. A Romantic Card.
    I doubt there’s no one anywhere who doesn’t love being gifted cards. Crafting some nice words added to what’s already been inscribed on the card and presenting same to your spouse while he/she is getting dressed for the big day is actually very thoughtful and different.
  3. Familiar Gifts Your Spouse Would Like.
    Imagine that your bride-to-be loves watching football like men do, you could buy her her favourite club’s jersey, wrap it with a fancy gift wrap and send it to her while her hairstylist is performing magic on her hair OR, if your groom-to-be loves cartoons to a fault; you could get a him a picture frame with his favourite cartoon character plastered all over it.
  4. You Can Buy Each Other’s Wedding Accessories.
    Your groom-to-be must’ve obviously made plans for the cufflinks he’d use in rocking his wedding shirt and, BOOM! He receives a surprise cufflinks package from his would-be bride asking him not to bother but use the gift wrapped OR, your bride-to-be wouldn’t mind you getting her a nice pair of cute, sparkling earrings she could rock with her wedding gown.
  5. Getting Each Other Bars Of Chocolates.
    Chocolates come in different sizes and flavours and, they’re one rare but unique romantic gift that would-be spouses can gift each other on their wedding days. Personally, I won’t mind such cos, I’m actually a chocolate junkie.
  6. An Exchange Of Picture Pendants Of You Two.
    You and your would-be spouse can decide to get a picture pendant and necklace for you two and exchange it with each other on your big day. The grid can wear the groom’s and, the groom can wear the bride’s OR, they can get two pendants having both pictures of the couple in it.
  7. Buying Same Kind Of Wristwatch For Each Other.
    The bride-to-be can choose to get her groom a feminine kind of wristwatch and, the groom-to-be can get his bride a masculine wristwatch. This unusual kinda exchange will make both couples have a literal feel of each other everyday as they rock the said wristwatches; more like a coded way to bond with each other.

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