6 Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Day Is Productive

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How often do you get people wishing you some wonderful day experience in the morning? My guess is very often. Especially while exchanging pleasantries either on the way to work or over the phone. This is to say that people actually know that going through the day with a significant level of high energy is not a very easy thing. People also know that there are countless things that can ruin and derail one’s day. So well meaning friends and love ones usually share these prayers and goodwill for a superlative day because of these obvious reasons.

Truly, there is a strong connection between the quality of days that we experience and the quality of life that we live. This relationship is so vital that how we spend every second of our day has effects on the kind of life we live. As such, the direction of our individual days has a great impact and influence on the direction of our lives. Over time, many people have wished to have this experience. We wish our days to be such that we begin well, launch into our activities with great vigour and enthusiasm, maintain a high level of motivation and productivity and retire at the end with a beautiful grin on our faces. A lot of us have shared this fantasies once in a while in our lives.

However, the reality is that only a very small number of people actually achieve this. Why we find it difficult to achieve this is being discussed separately. However, we want to give us some suggestions on the possible ways we can transform our days from the boring, sour, redundant ones we have been having to a vitalized, productive and superlative ones we all so earnestly wish for. Useful tips in Planning and Executing a Superlative day So, actually achieving a splendid day experience is not rocket science. Though, not very easy and cheap, it is quite doable. Amidst, the many variables and uncontrollable tendencies that can derail our proposed good day, we have a high chances of achieving if we try these tips.

1. Prior And Intentional Planning Of The Day.

You may remark that this doesn’t seem much. Infact, many of us actually know this. Yet, how many of us implement it? Very few will be the right answer. Yes, very few persons practically draw out a plan for their days. Needless to remind you that for this plan to work, it is necessary that it is done ahead of time. It is not when the day is already upon us that we begin to scramble around considering what we should do and what not to do and in what order. Instead, while retiring on the previous day, you take out few minutes to write down and outline all the tasks that have not been completed for that day. You also list out all the ones expected for the next day. After this, you begin to place them in order of necessity and preference one after the other. This list becomes a roadmap and a guide for the next day. You can even go ahead to schedule the whole day and allocate time to each of these activities. Create an accommodating plan, A huge flaw in planning our day is ignoring some vital points and activities. Here we have to note that to avoid a dull, rigid day, we need to put everything in the proper perspective. Your plan should include all necessary things. Even the ones you may term luxuries, should be well accommodated in your plan.

2. Make Room For Fun And Unforeseen circumstances.

Truthfully, you need this level of flexibility to be able to achieve your aims. There are necessary distractions you need in order to be effective. Thus, there should be a period for break, a time to eat, a time to get some air, a time to take a walk and stretch, a time to chat and make some jokes and all that. This should be visible in your plans to avoid these becoming distractions. When provision has been made for them in your plan, then you can easily observe them at the allocated time and not get distracted.

3. Take Out All Distractions

Like earlier stated, it is not difficult to have an outline of how your day should go. Yet, we fail most times because we don’t discipline ourselves to follow through. Once we accommodate some distractions, it becomes difficult to concentrate and focus on a particular task till completion. Therefore, having produced a functional plan for the day, next is for us to rid ourselves and our space of all possible distractions. Everything having the potential to lure us from our targets should be pushed aside for the time being.

4. Begin Each Day As A Fresh Start.

Sadly, we love to hold on to a whole lot of things. Disappointments of the previous days, ill feelings encountered and all. When these overlaps with a new day, such a day is already doomed. It is human for us to experience negative emotions once in a while. Yet, carrying them over to the next day is quite unhealthy. We fail to see each day as a brand new one, instead we assume it to be an extension of the previous one. With this mind-set, we transfer all the negativities to another day. So, to have a super productive day, we have to baggage all the defects of the previousdays.

5. Start On A High Pitch Effectively.

Taking on the day with high energy can be the single facilitator of the rest of the day. This high energy gives you momentum and drive such that more tasks are completed over short periods. Once you have seen your level of productivity progressing, you may want to maintain this same level all through the day. Whatever you may need to gain this high pitch, breakfast, a sound night rest, a good music, whatever, just get it and initiate your day on a high.

6. Be Disciplined And Committed To Your plan.

Motivation and drive are two major inhibitors that we experience. Accordingly, we have to make a commitment to ourselves to see out the whole plan for our days. Subjecting ourselves to discipline will be helpful in ensuring that we follow through on our proposed plan for the day. We need to hold ourselves accountable for the outcome of our day. Definitely, we may not always exhaust all the items on our list, several impediments may arise.

However, we don’t need to feel disappointed Rather, we should write down those tasks we were unable to complete and take them up as fresh tasks for the next day, Knowing that we had put in our best and had stuck to our plans an this will give us a great sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Instead of antagonizing ourselves to bed, we should make another plan for the next day. We shouldn’t forget to make provision for all vital necessities so we don’t view them as being luxuries and distractions. With this, we are going to be highly productive and effective and in all we are going to get a lot of superlative days.

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