“There Is Hope Amidst The Threats Posed By European Super League”-Martin Samuel

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The fact that one of football’s elite members was scraping an injury time draw at home to Fulham as football was outlining its response to the shameless closed shop that is the European Super League was no small irony.

Even so, we can confidently predict who will finish 12th among the self-proclaimed Big 12. And, let’s face it, that’s a step up for Arsenal. They are currently the ninth best team in England, but if the teams below them win their games in hand, they will be the 11th best team. That is the overarching theme of this heinous episode.

The protagonists’ complete disregard for the rest of the players. For the fans, first and foremost, but also for the clubs, players, coaches, heritage, and traditions; for the greater good, the national team, the football pyramid, and all that football has meant to communities and culture over the past two centuries.

Source: BBC Sport

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