Liverpool Halted Jumping Into Top Four By Leed’s Diego Llorente’s Late Header Equaliser

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This has a greater significance. You’re already familiar with the obnoxious slogan. You’ll have sneered at it, rolled your eyes at it, and sneered at it. But it’s very apt today, with a dark irony.

This means that there will be more anger. This would result in even more humiliation. Liverpool’s owners have already pushed a wedge between themselves and their supporters, with proposals for £77 tickets and layoffs, but this one is the size of a canyon. They are deserving of the scorn they are receiving.

Distractions or delays on match days are something Klopp cannot stand. Yet here he was, on the touchline at Elland Road, trying to walk a public relations tightrope after an angry mob of locals screamed their fury as the Liverpool bus arrived. His emotions were palpable.

Source: Daily Mail

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