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The universe has been intricately built to accommodate a very wide range of diversity and uncertainties. Though as humans, we will most likely love to stick to the certified, easy and assured paths. The routes to success and achievements as can be seen holds a lot of diversity and uncertainties. Howbeit the existence of various theories and principles of personal goal attainment and actualization, the ultimate method or technique is yet to be discovered.

How do one achieve success? How do you move up the ladder of self development? Is there a straight, lateral path or are the interlinked, twisted, jointed routes? Are there any guarantees that certain acts and decisions will surely lead to goal attainment? Can we all move in different directions and trajectories and still arrive at success? What a puzzle it is for those of us seeking to do more, achieve more and become more. Let us now attempt to reply to these questions above.

Is there a Universally Verified Path or formula to Success? Over time, this particular question have been asked by countless individuals, seeking to get an assurance and also a tool for success. What is the certified strategy used to attain self actualization and success? From observation and analyses, I believe the answer to this question is yes, there is a formula for success.

However, unlike what others may tell you, what you should know is this; this formula is not a rigid, scientific combinations where all terms are well defined and measured. In this success formula are terms, generally changing, variables operating are great dynamics, and values ever adjusting. Here, the only constant terms are the the age long core principles of dedication, hardwork, consistency and commitment. All other variables in this formula exist at various degrees of change.

Here is a formula where you can alter the variables at will, change the direction and recalculate granted, you have the few constant terms intact. As such, you may not find any two identical formulas no matter what theory or prediction tools used. Everyone has their own customized formula, only, they variables are ever changing.

Is there a timeline for Success?

Of all the things that consume the human mind and fill it with disturbing emotions, time takes a prominent position. When will my time come? How long will I continue in pursuit of actualization? How soon before I start reaping results? How has Mr X done it in such a short time? When, when, when? Actually, it is not easy to maintain momentum and enthusiasm over extensive length of time without getting distracted by the challenges of life. As in the preceding section, there are no assurances in life. This is because nothing is guaranteed. Life is so uncertain that we only have to take one day at a time.

However, still referring to the last section, there is high possibility that if we apply the core values and principles of success, at one point or the other, we will attain it. Though, rather unfortunate is the fact that when this will happen, how long you will have to wait and strive is totally a matter of uncertainty.

Attempts have been made by many to predict the timeline for success and self actualization, in the end, no specific duration could be agreed. Some attain it quick, others arrive much later, there is no timeline. Thus, it is needless to pile pressure on ourselves stating how much time have been spent or referencing others.

However the most critical question here is, what do we call success? How do we rank self actualization? What parameters do we use to measure success and self actualization Most frequently, we subject success and actualization to factors of financial capacity, physical assets and glittering affluence. What would you call a teacher who has trained prominent personalities over the years yet having no car of his own? How will you see a father who has all his children educated to higher levels yet owning no property? How about a leader who has mentored and empowered great men, has functional systems but having no private jets, fleets of cars or luxurious homes scattered all about? Are they unsuccessful? Have they failed? Evidently, the problem with rating success and actualization is subjective perception, using only a few factors to rank performance. True success should be measured by impact felt, strides attained and lives touched in any aspect of human existence. When we use only economic terms to compute level of actualization, we ride ourselves of objectivity and rationality.

How much was Nelson Mandela worth? How much did Mary Slessor, Shakespeare, Aristotle have? How did Martin Luther king end? How successful were they? To me, they were very successful, why? They all created transcending impact in their areas of pursuit. They all had tremendous effect on people’s lives. They left behind indelible marks in the sands of time. This is true success, this is true self actualization.

Apparently, the question of if all can achieve self actualization, the answer is YES. All humans have the potential to create impact, touch lives and keep legacies for coming generations. So, if we are waiting to receive the success template before we launch into life to achieve our various purposes, then we might have to wait for eternity. If we wish to follow the direct, recommended path to self actualization, we might end up walking circles. Therefore, choose your path, thread it diligently using the core values and principles, then someday, sometime sooner or later you will arrive.

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