Who Makes The First Eleven For Gareth Southgate When England Confront Croatia?

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In England’s front three, there are a few non-negotiables. The first is Harry Kane, and the second is Raheem Sterling. When it comes to completing the trio, things start to get interesting.

Marcus Rashford will be disappointed that he is unable to participate in these internationals due to an ankle injury. He’ll have been cheering for his country from the comfort of his own home, but it can be awkward to watch other players do well in your place.

This is an issue that Southgate would adore. In the final third, he has an embarrassment of riches. However, I already know what my combination will be. Last week, I sat down to draft my ideal England XI for Euro 2020, settling on Rashford on the left, Kane in the centre, and Sterling on the right. That’s the kind of thing I’d like to see.

Following Poland’s equalizer, the game on Wednesday night seemed to fall flat. There seemed to be more room further up the field than in the first half, which is where the fast Rashford would shine.

Source: Daily Mail

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